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Light Up The Night Breast Cancer Walk

While there are endless activities to do in the Cayman Islands, spending time on the beach may be the most popular. Still, most people head home once the sun sets and miss out on the peace and beauty afforded those who take a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge on Seven Mile Beach in the dark of night. However, for at least one evening per...

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  • March 1st, 2018

The Taste Of Cayman Food & Drink Festival

So much of the world comes to the Cayman Islands to take a break from their everyday grind and enjoy the good life here with a slower pace and friendly smiles that help melt away the stress they live with in their daily lives. Such a high percentage of these visitors then return again and again after they come to realize that this breathtaking grou...

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  • February 27th, 2018

The Cayman Islands Orchid Show – February

When people talk of the tropical beauty of the Cayman Islands, they typically think of the white-sand beaches, pristine Caribbean waters and verdant palm trees and landscape that this stunning island nation offers. The Caymans, however, as they prove over and over again, offer so much more. This is perhaps never more obvious than when the Caymans h...

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  • February 15th, 2018

Red Sky At Night At Cayfest

It is true, and perhaps unavoidable, that so many visitors to the Cayman Islands see it solely as a tropical paradise where the good life can be enjoyed. While this is certainly true and something of which Caymanians are proud, it also overlooks the depth and breadth of offerings this island nation boasts. The reality, as our repeat visitors know, ...

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  • February 8th, 2018

February, The Perfect Caymans Month For The Active Traveler

So many of our visitors to the Cayman Islands come here to enjoy the tropical splendor, peaceful pace of life and outstanding, endless array of watersports the islands offer. Regardless of when you visit, you will find the easiest access to the best snorkeling, diving, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and all other sea-related activities at your disp...

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  • February 1st, 2018

Cayman Cookout – January 2018

You might think you have to choose between a vacation that focuses on beautiful weather or one that caters to your love of a sophisticated lifestyle. However, you would be wrong. In reality, you really can have it all. Just contact us here at South Bay Beach Club and arrange to visit the Cayman Islands in January. Trust us, you will be dining on...

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  • December 29th, 2017

New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Most people have preconceived notions about the “proper” way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Whether it’s jamming into a city or town square to share the moment with hordes of other people, paying oodles of money to get into a bar or restaurant, or clinking glasses at midnight at home with family or friends, everyone has a vision of what the h...

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  • December 22nd, 2017

Christmas In Cayman

As with many holidays, people can’t imagine not being at home or in a familiar place. Such is even more the case during the Christmas holidays, as so many people equate this celebration with cold weather and snow. You may be surprised to know, however, that Christmas in the Caymans is a very traditional holiday, and if you go, you’ll see man...

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  • December 15th, 2017

Christmas Moonlight & Movies

You may think Christmas in the tropics is a simpler, more one-dimensional event than what you’re used to, but you might be surprised. The truth is that Christmas in the Cayman Islands is a month-long celebration that spans every form of entertainment. From Christmas-tree trimming to carols and holiday foods to running, the choices are endless. ...

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  • December 8th, 2017

18th-Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

It is easy to think of the Cayman Islands as a year-round destination that is always sunny, warm and a veritable shining example of tropical beauty, tranquility and ease of living. On the other hand, there are always events going on here, not to mention holiday celebrations. In fact, one of the Cayman’s most anticipated holiday events is its annu...

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  • November 30th, 2017

Cayman 27’s Parade of Lights

The Cayman Islands are known for their year-round tropical beauty, temperate weather and peaceful vibe. In fact, the winter season here is one of the busiest times of the year, drawing thousands of visitors from cold-weather climates who want to celebrate the winter holiday season in balmy comfort. Some come to lay on the beach and thaw, while othe...

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  • November 25th, 2017

GIMISTORY International Storytelling Festival

The Cayman Islands have always been proud of their heritage, from the physical spaces to historic sites to long-held customs. This manifests in a number of ways, from celebrating international holidays and cuisines to holding numerous events that speak directly to the Cayman’ traditional past. Storytelling is one of the oldest customs in the C...

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  • November 22nd, 2017

9th – 13th November – Pirates Week

Many people visit South Bay Beach Club, and the Cayman Islands, to experience true tropical beauty, white-sand beaches, azure-blue waters and a relaxed sense of timelessness. In spite of the Caymans Islands’ notoriety as pure tranquility, the fact is that few, if any, places celebrate their link to their pirate past as closely and lovingly as do ...

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  • November 15th, 2017

Interesting Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve 2018

Interesting Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve 2018 Every year, it’s the same old dilemma: What to do for New Year’s Eve. There is always the overpriced club route, in which you pay way too much to get into a club and try hard to have a good time but end up dissatisfied. There is also the restaurant route, which is usually more of the same. If y...

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  • October 31st, 2017

The Best Places To Spend Christmas Abroad

The Best Places To Spend Christmas Abroad We all feel obliged to spend Christmas the same way every year. Consequently, what should be a joyous, thankful holiday often becomes hard work and drudgery as we fight the crowds and crass commercialization to buy all the “things” we think will make our loved ones happy. Here’s a fresh idea, th...

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  • October 25th, 2017

Late October – Cayman Cocktail Week

Late October - Cayman Cocktail Week There are endless reasons to visit the Cayman Islands, and most of the best known of those have to do with its spectacular natural beauty and temperate tropical weather. However, it’s also a great thing to just relax all day and celebrate all night—or at least celebrate a bit when you feel the moment. W...

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  • October 18th, 2017

1st-31st October – Cayman Restaurant Month

1st-31st October - Cayman Restaurant Month There are many reasons to visit the Cayman Islands, from all manner of outdoor activities and sightseeing to simply laying on the white-sand beaches and looking at the azure-blue waters. Regardless of how you spend your days, you will regularly be prepared to try new and exciting foods and restaurants t...

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  • October 13th, 2017

Enjoy A Memorable Thanksgiving Away From Home

For many, Thanksgiving is the most traditional of all North American holidays, a celebration unique to both Canada and the United States, albeit on different days. It strikes our hearts and emotions, as it is a time to return home, or be home, with your closest family and friends. For some though, either because they love traveling during the ho...

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  • October 5th, 2017

The Hottest Destinations For Autumn 2017

The long, warm, sultry summer days may be gone where you live, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and take it without a fight. No, you can have those days again. In fact, they are just a click or two away. Yes, there are places in the world where the days are perfect and time is an afterthought. Here is a list of a few of our favorites...

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  • September 28th, 2017

Tropical Escapes That Offer Beauty And History

It’s the age-old travel question: Is this a relaxation vacation or one filled with sightseeing and mind-expanding adventures? It makes it seem like you can only do one or the other on your time away from home, but never both. Well, it’s actually not true. So if you’ve done a lot of traveling and are a little tired of choosing between relaxati...

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  • September 21st, 2017

Grand Cayman’s Top Five Outdoor Activities

Many travelers arrive in the Cayman Islands and swoon at first sight of the snow-white sandy beaches and placid, azure-blue waters. For some, easing into an ocean-facing chaise lounge to soak in the sun and unplug for the duration of their stay is all they need. For others, hitting the beach is only the precursor to taking advantage of the endless ...

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  • September 15th, 2017

Three Less Traditional Ways to Watch the Seasons Change

Sure, there are a great number of classic destinations around the United States in which to experience the kaleidoscope of changing fall foliage colors. Most are concentrated in New England and a few other places along the Eastern seaboard. Unfortunately, so, too are the crowds and expensive accommodations. Happily, though, you don’t have to g...

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  • September 7th, 2017

Turn Fall Into Spring With An Autumn Getaway

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, and while that is often an illusion, sometimes it simply is true—at least for half the year. While much of the world is turning brown and cold during the six months of autumn and winter, the grass actually is greener in certain beautiful locations around the world. This is all a way of sa...

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  • August 30th, 2017

Best Traditional Destinations To See Fall Foliage

You have been saying you were going to do it for years. Now, you have decided, this is the year you will finally make that idyllic trip to one of the classic destinations to witness the magic of the autumn leaves changing color. Sure, it’s not easy, because there are only certain prime destinations. There are more than you might think, however. A...

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  • August 23rd, 2017

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