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The Best Kept Secrets of Grand Cayman Island

Grand Cayman is best known for its sparkling beaches, its British accent, its indigenous turtles, and fascinating Stingray City, where you can swim with the local marine life. However, these are far from the only things to see and do on the island. There is a number of less popular, but no less interesting, attractions on the island.

  1. Find the hSwim with the silversides. Sure, dolphins are sweet and friendly, but how many of your neighbors can say they’ve swum with schools of dwarf herrings. These silver fish migrate to Grand Cayman in early summer and stay until early fall. If you’re visiting Grand Cayman during this season, be sure to experience this unique underwater show.
  2. Visit the farmers and craft market at Camana Bay. Each Wednesday from noon to 7:00 p.m., Camana Bay harbor hosts an eclectic craft and farmers market. The wares each week are different, but usually include paintings and jewelry by local artists, the delicious Cayman pepper jelly (available only on the island), fresh produce and one-of-a-kind souvenirs. This market is only beginning to become popular with visitors, so you won’t see a lot of touristy gee-gaws.
  3. Hiking the Majestic Trail. Another lesser-known, but worthwhile attraction on Grand Cayman is the Mastic Trail. Located at the highest point on the island (79 feet above sea level), this four-mile roundtrip, relatively easy trail, offers beautiful vistas as well as a chance to see some of the local wildlife, such as the elusive Cayman rabbits.
  4. Take a gander at the shoe tree. For more than two decades, visitors to Grand Cayman have been writing their names on the soles of their shoes (or flip flops) and taking them to a beachfront tree on the east side of the island. The colorful display is easy to find; it’s located on the Main Road West of Bodden Town.
  5. Snorkel at Cemetery Beach. Located just a short walk from one of the island’s historic cemeteries is one of the best (and lesser known) spots for diving and snorkeling. Here, you’ll find a variety of fish and other marine life, including tangs, eels, parrot fish and even an occasional nurse shark. The action centers around a reef located just off of the shore.
  6. Explore the Cayman Motor Museum. For that day when you just need to get out of the sun, take a trip to the Cayman Motor Museum, located on the west side of the island. This museum houses 80 unique vehicles, including the original Batmobile, an 1886 Benz (the world’s first car) and a 1905 Cadillac (the first car driven on Grand Cayman.)

While snorkeling along Seven Mile Beach, sampling turtle soup and swimming with the local marine life are certainly worthwhile, make sure to include a few secret attractions on your itinerary when you next visit Grand Cayman.


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  • July 19th, 2016

Grand Cayman – Paradise for Families

Grand Cayman is home to one of the most beautiful and well-known beaches in the world: 7 Mile Beach.  It is a place where time stands still and conch is the catch of the day.  If you are visiting Grand Cayman in search of clear aqua blue waters, soft white sand, and soca music, you will not be disappointed.  But Grand Cayman has more to offer families than just languishing in the sun.  Try these activities during your stay:

  • The Jolly Roger Pirate Experience – Have you ever wondered what being on a pirate ship might be like?  Find out in Grand Cayman!  Enjoy a sword fighting, swashbuckling pirate show in the Caribbean.
  • Visit Stingray City – This excursion is fun for everyone.  Located on the North Sound, Stingray City is home to just under 100 wild stingrays.  Mingle with the stingrays while standing on a sandbar in the middle of the sea. These gentle giants are incredibly friendly and love to be fed.  A visit to Stingray City is only a sensory experience that you will not soon forget.
  • Swim with the dolphins – Dolphin Cove and Dolphin Discovery offer the opportunity for you to swim with the dolphins.  The perfect excursion for children of all ages, the parks both have other opportunities to see exotic wildlife and sea life in lieu of swimming.
  • See Grand Cayman by helicopter – Children and parents alike will enjoy soaring above the beaches and mangroves below to see the island in a unique way. 
  • Snorkel at Rum Point – Enjoy some of the most shallow and clear water on the island.
  • Cayman Motor Museum – If you are looking for an activity away from the water and sand, head over to the West Bay and visit the Cayman Motor Museum.  The kids will love seeing the bat mobile that was produced for the 1960s TV Series, “Batman”. 
  • Try a water sport together -There are so many things you can do on the beach to spend a day.  Snorkeling is a favorite for all ages, riding Jet Skis, paddle boarding, banana boating, parasailing – the list goes on and on.  Make sure to collect seashells along the way to commemorate your day at the beach.

Grand Cayman is a fantastic place to spend your family vacation.  Playing in the sun, meeting new people, and having unique experiences are part of what life is all about.  You can do all those things and more in Grand Cayman, the jewel in the Caribbean Sea.


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  • March 29th, 2016