4 Benefits You Can Expect From A Grand Cayman Beach Horse Ride

Experiencing horseback riding for the first time is an adventure you will never forget, as you are saddled on a large yet gentle animal wandering up and down various trails. And while any horseback riding excursion is unforgettable, there is something extra special about riding these incredible beasts on the beach. Throw a location like Grand Cayman in and you’ve got an experience that practically borders on the ethereal. Take a moment to consider what benefits you will enjoy from a Grand Cayman horseback riding adventure on the beach.

Benefit #1: Ridiculously-Beautiful Views

Go horseback riding on a Grand Cayman beach to soak in stunning views of the Caribbean coastline. Canter down pristine beaches while basking in the beauty of your surroundings, whether yours is a morning or sunset ride. Some prefer the fresh beauty of a new day atop a horse, while others want to watch the sun melt into the sea. Either way, it’s incredible.

Benefit #2: A Whole New Way Of “Swimming”

Sure, you’ve gone swimming in Grand Cayman, but how about “swimming” while on the back of a trusty steed? When you go horseback riding on the beach in Grand Cayman, you have the option of a beach and swim ride where your animal goes into the water with you. Horses love water, and the friendly beasts who provide tourists with rides know exactly how to maneuver the gentle waves. Keep in mind such rides are not suitable for any non-swimmers in your group.

Benefit #3: Lots Of Picture-Taking Opportunities

Pack your waterproof camera to take pictures from angles you won’t get anywhere else. Capture beach or beach and swim rides from the back of your horse for images so outstanding your friends back home will be extra jealous.

Benefit #4: A New Animal Acquaintance

Enjoy the chance to make a new animal friend when you go horseback riding on Grand Cayman. Quarter horses, painted stallions, and Arab horses are among the most common four-legged riding companions at stables across Grand Cayman, all of whom are extremely used to tourist rides. Horses are also pack animals who simply follow the leader, so there is no danger of yours running off into the sunset. If anything, you will bond with the animal and may even get a gentle head butt at the end of your ride.

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  • May 1st, 2019

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