4 Must-See Wrecks In Grand Cayman

As part of the Carribean, Grand Cayman was once a destination for rum runners, pirates, and assorted major trading companies. Various wrecks are found around the famous island, including those you can explore during your trip to the tropical paradise. And while these wrecks are from (relatively) modern times, they allow you to step back into history and learn more about Grand Cayman. Review some of the best-loved wrecks beside the famous Kittiwake here before booking your vacation:

Oro Verde Wreck

Discovered in the early 1980s, the Oro Verde Wreck is in pieces off of Seven Mile Beach but it’s still worth a look. The area teams with colorful tropical fish and native corals, with the wreck about 50 feet below the surface. And while it has morphed into an artificial reef, you can still see the bow, moorings, stern, and other ship pieces.

Ridgefield Wreck

The Ridgefield SS was once a World War II ship. It ran aground on the barrier reef along the east side of the island and is located only 20 feet below the surface. Locals who live in the area can see most of the ship during low tide.

Doc Polson Wreck

The cable-laying ship named for a beloved island doctor is about 50 feet down off the West Bay part of the island. It functions as an artificial reef and has become a popular dive for locals and tourists alike because divers can access much of the ship, including the engine room, bridge, and holds. The ship sits in an open area of water surrounded by sand, so there’s no risk of getting lost or wondering what happened to your diving companions. Simply watch out for sharp edges and keep in mind the famous Kittiwake Wreck is nearby if you’re feeling ambitious.

LCM David Nicholson Wreck

Named after famed divemaster David Nicolson, this small landing craft was intentionally sunk in front of the Sunset House Hotel. It sits in an open sand area 55 feet down and has made another welcome artificial reef. You’ll see many yellow tube and purple finger sponges, as well as angelfish among other tropical friends. Spotted eagle rays have been known to pay the wreck visits. It offers easy access as well as many treats for the eyes.

Enjoy these and other dive sites during your Grand Cayman adventure. Book your luxury accommodations at South Beach Bay Club today so you don’t miss a second of the action.

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  • January 27th, 2020

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