5 Best Picture Spots In The Cayman Islands

Whether you’re shooting to post on Instagram or snapping pictures for yourself, you’ll find many beautiful backdrops in the Cayman Islands. From sunsets and sand to caves and catamaran, there are gorgeous places to capture and to explore while you’re at it.


Within minutes of South Bay Beach Club, there are a ton of stunning spots that are perfect for photography and ideal for identifying just what makes the Cayman Islands so special.


Here are 5 of our favorite picture places in the Cayman Islands:


  1. Seven Mile Beach


Take in sweeping views of the beach, ocean, and sunset from Seven Mile Beach, one of the most popular beaches and tourist attractions on Grand Cayman. Even when the beach is at its most crowded, it offers uninterrupted scenery that is surely picture ready. So, bring your camera, and your beach towel and picnic, and hit Seven Mile Beach for some playful and beautiful shots.


  1. Cemetery Beach


A relatively quiet stretch of sand in comparison to Seven Mile Beach, Cemetery Beach is romantic and idyllic – just what you need to create a moody, media-worthy photo or a special picture to keep in your digital album. Cemetery Beach is a top spot for sunsets and it’s a great location for snorkeling.


  1. Macabuca/Cracked Conch


If you’re into food photography and want to snap some pictures with a pretty meal and a nice backdrop, head to Macabuca/Cracked Conch. This restaurant and bar sits in the West Bay and it’s well-known for its amazing views. Pull up a chair on the deck, order a happy hour drink and an appetizer, ready your camera and then prepare for incredible photos.


  1. Catamaran


Discovering the Cayman Islands via catamaran is memorable and it makes for some awesome images. From the water on your graceful little craft, you can enjoy spectacular views all around. There are several spots in the Cayman Islands that afford heavenly 360-degree scenescapes, but a catamaran beats out a great deal of them. Take a peaceful ride on a catamaran, with a drink in hand of course, and shoot the islands from a unique perspective that many don’t experience.


  1. Cayman Crystal Caves


Tucked into a lush forest on Grand Cayman, in Northside, find Crystal Caves and uncover one of the best photo ops on our islands. Crystal Caves offers walking tours that take visitors through three underground spots that are tropical in a way many tourists never imagine. In roughly an hour and a half, you’ll likely find your SD card filled with thrilling scenes that paint a continued picture of life in the Cayman Islands.


If you need help finding more spots for photos on Grand Cayman and throughout the Cayman Islands, come see our warm and friendly island staff.


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  • January 30th, 2019

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