The 5 Best Things About Island Life

The 5 Best Things About Island Life

Ah, island life. It’s one lifestyle many dream of, whether for retirement or another reason. So, what makes living on a tropical island so wonderful and idyllic? Here are five of the top reasons to consider island life.

1. The Beach: Living the island life is perfect for anyone who loves the beach. White sands, the sound and spray of the ocean, the scent of the salt air, the shells—the beach is even wonderful when it’s cloudy out. The landscape takes on a haunting, mysterious quality that’s inspired paintings, poems, and endless other creative works. If you enjoy swimming in the ocean, running along the coastline, engaging in water and beach sports, or simply lounging while taking in your surroundings, island life is something to aspire to.

2. The Activities: Watersports are just some of the many activities to partake in while living or staying on a tropical island. Parasailing, waterskiing, and boating are all water-tastic favorites, but there is also a lot of land action to enjoy. Hiking is a favorite pastime; stroll through a jungle setting to a remote location or walk around a dormant volcano. Nature abounds in tropical settings, and there’s plenty of beauty to feast your eye on.

3. The History: Island life allows you to immerse yourself in the history of the land. Was the island used as a treasure trove for pirates? The Cayman Islands has such a stunning pirate history that its tourism board created a week’s worth of annual celebrations. There’s even a mock pirate raid! How about historic landmarks, such as forts and other battle sites? How did the cultures on the island of your choice merge to form the unique paradise it is today? If you’re a history buff, islands and island chains offer a lot to learn about.

4. The Atmosphere: Tropical islands are frequently known for featuring “island time.” Island time refers to that laid-back, easy, peaceful feeling that causes you to relax. Moreover, island residents take their time—they know everything will get done, and there’s no need to go a mile a minute. Many talk about the sense of relief and relaxation they experience when they switch to island time.

5. The Sunsets: Who can argue with the gloriousness of a tropical sunset? The orange sun seems to fall behind the waves to create a beautiful setting perfect for romantic nights out, family fun, and individual enjoyment and contemplation. The supreme beauty of a tropical island sunset is paradise found.

What are your top five favorite things about island life?

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  • December 19th, 2016

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