5 Must-Try Restaurants On Grand Cayman

Sampling the local fare has to be one of the most wonderful things about visiting any far-off destination, as it provides the opportunity to delight the taste buds in entirely new ways. If you are planning an epic trip to Grand Cayman, you will get the chance to try a variety of island foods the travel destination is known for. And while it may be challenging to decide where to dine, these suggestions make planning your food itinerary a little easier.

Anchor & Den

Stop by Anchor & Den for a locally-sourced meal inspired by favorite comfort foods. Anchor & Den also offers numerous events throughout the month, including its famous Mad Hatter Tea Party, a weekly brunch event complete with Alice in Wonderland-style touches and plenty of bubbly alcoholic goodness.

Ristorante Pappagallo Restaurant

Celebrate all five senses at this magical island restaurant. Walk a wooden bridge to a 30-foot, Cayman-style thatched roof restaurant surrounded by gorgeous views of water and land. Chef Alex Menegon changes the menu regularly, but one thing remains the same: every meal gets cooked with the freshest, most delectable ingredients. Fresh bread and pasta are made daily, and there’s also locally-caught seafood and USDA-certified meats to try. Each dish comes with fresh fruit and vegetables, and remember to save room for the handcrafted desserts!

Sunshine Grill

Enjoy dining at this poolside restaurant that’s one of the top establishments on the Cayman Islands. Award-winning food combined with affordable prices makes this grill a must for anyone craving Caribbean food such as fish tacos or those colorful island cocktails.


Get farm-to-table fare at this restaurant featuring gorgeous coastline views. Vivo is ideal for the vegetarians and vegans in your family, as it features lots of meat, gluten, and dairy-free options. And since lionfish have become an invasive species in this part of the world, the restaurant also serves lionfish dishes to help keep the population contained.

Catch Restaurant & Lounge

Enjoy views of Morgan’s Harbor as you sip cocktails and taste the islands’ freshest seafood at this alfresco dining establishment. Catch Restaurant & Lounge is perfect for the seafood lover who never misses a chance to dine outdoors and features creative dishes such as sliced local tuna with fried avocado and pickled jicama.

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  • May 9th, 2019

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