5 Reasons To Spend Your Holidays On Grand Cayman

While the holiday season is naturally associated with winter wonderlands, there are many reasons to think outside the Christmas box if you want to travel. Grand Cayman provides an incredible holiday setting complete with features and events unique to the tropical island paradise. Review a few reasons to make Grand Cayman your holiday destination.

The Light Displays

From towering Christmas trees to palm trees wrapped in glowing holiday lights, Grand Cayman offers a spectacular sight for the eyes during December (and the rest of the year!). There’s even a bus tour organized by the National Trust that takes you around the island to enjoy modern and traditional homes glittering for the holidays. Boat parades featuring vessels decked out just for Christmas provide another amazing way to enjoy holiday lights during your Grand Cayman stay.

The Beaches

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend Christmas, what’s better than a tropical beach? Why not treat yourself to a day exploring Grand Cayman’s pristine beaches? Enjoy the natural “light show” the sun puts on every dawn and dusk at the beach or anywhere else in Grand Cayman. And, some of the area hotels even throw beachside holiday events.

The Warm Weather

Perhaps you’re someone who has always wanted to go somewhere warm when it’s frigid out. A Yuletide visit to Grand Cayman solves this problem easily, allowing you to bask in warm weather instead of freezing at home. You’ll enjoy holiday fun and related events without having to bundle up every time you want to leave your accommodations.

The Endless List Of Things To Do

Grand Cayman makes creating envy-worthy itineraries easy and fun. Perhaps you’re all about water activities and want to try snorkeling, parasailing, scuba diving, or ocean kayaking for the first time. Maybe the many Christmas events happening all over Grand Cayman appeals to you, or you want to visit the island’s stunning botanical gardens or caves steeped in mystery and legend. When you book a stay at Grand Cayman, you’ll enjoy unorthodox holiday fun no matter what you decide to do.

The Peaceful, Easy Feeling

As wonderful as the holidays are, they are typically not without stress. Visiting family members, shopping, cooking and baking, and cleaning your house before hosting takes up valuable time and energy, especially when you work full-time or have kiddos to chase after. Get away from it all this holiday by spending the season in the tranquil, awe-inspiring Carribean.

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  • December 13th, 2019

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