8 Tips For Traveling With A Big Family To An Exotic Destination

Traveling with the family is a great way to make memories to last a lifetime. Regardless of the age of your children, spending quality time experiencing new cultures and adventures is priceless. If you happen to have a big family, traveling to an exotic destination can seem like more work than a vacation. Fortunately, you aren’t the first big family to plan a getaway, and with these 8 tips, you can enjoy your trip from start to finish:

1. Do Your Research

Traveling to an exotic destination can be daunting as it is. When you add a big family to the mix, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Taking the time to do your research is a great way to prepare and reduce stress. Learn about the culture, language, customs, and the top things to see, do, and taste. If your kids are old enough, involve them in the research and make it a family project.

2. Put a Plan in Place

Once you know where you’re going, sit down and make a plan. In addition to the basics, like travel and accommodation, include all of the activities the family wants to experience, the types of food you would like to try, and make reservations as needed. The most important thing is to be ok with deviating from the plan. The plan serves as an outline, but you aren’t bound by it.

3. Packing Checklists

Packing for any trip with a big family takes time and preparation. Create a checklist for family members so as not to forget anything essential. Take your destination into consideration. Will you need to pack sunscreen that is a higher SPF than you usually use? What will the weather be like and what types of clothes will be the most comfortable for the activities you plan? Make sure to do a final check before heading to the airport.

4. Take Your Time

If you’ve made the effort to put a plan in place, there should be very little reason to rush. Keep reservations in mind, but don’t let them take away from your experience. Take your time and enjoy each moment to the fullest.

5. Ask For Help

Don’t hesitate to ask the concierge or locals for a little help. Let them know what type of experience you are looking for and ask for recommendations. Sometimes you might even discover a best kept secret.

6. Try New Things

If you come across an opportunity to experience a new activity or cuisine, lead by example and encourage your family to be open minded. One of the most exciting parts of traveling is trying new things.

7. Be Spontaneous

While raising a big family, it’s likely you are accustomed to obstacles affecting plans. Regardless of how solid your plan is, it’s ok to be spontaneous and take in experiences as they come. Some of the best memories you’ll have can’t be planned.

8. Designate A Photographer

With so many fun activities, it can be easy to forget to take photos. If you have a child that is old enough to operate a camera or smartphone, make them the designated photographer in charge of documenting the trip. You’ll want to capture every moment with your family.

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  • February 21st, 2017

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