9 Travel Essentials For Your Caribbean Trip

When preparing for your vacation on Grand Cayman Island, one of the biggest chores, as it is for any trip, is figuring out what to pack. You already have a general idea of course. Packing for a stay in the Caribbean is different than for, say, Alaska.

But there are a few differences in the Cayman Islands that necessitate bringing some things you might not have considered. And of course it’s always a good idea to have a checklist to work from.

Needing something on vacation and realizing you didn’t bring it takes away from the fun, enjoyment, and relaxation that is supposed to be the whole reason you’re there. And neglecting some things can cause you a real hassle and even physical harm.

So here’s a helpful list of things you need to pack for your vacation to Grand Cayman Island. A lot of them will be obvious, but it’s alway better to include them on a checklist, no matter how much of a no-brainer.

Essential Items For Your Caribbean Trip

  • Passport and other documents. This is probably the most important thing. You don’t want to have to run home and get them and maybe miss your flight or cruise.
  • Warm weather clothing. It’s tropical weather after all. Bring a variety of things. But pack a light jacket too.
  • Shoes. Think light and comfortable. Flip-flops and sandals, tennis shoes, but also something a little dressier for a night out.
  • Bathing suits. Of course, but the thing is you might want to bring more than one. They don’t dry very fast in the high humidity..
  • Hats and sunglasses. Anything that will help keep those brutal solar rays off of the more vulnerable parts.
  • Sunscreen lotion. Choose a brand with a high SPF rating, and don’t forget the lip balm. Since you’ll probably get burned anyway, a bottle of aloe vera can help a lot.
  • Insect repellent. You’ll probably want to get away from the beach and head inland to view some of the spectacular flora and fauna, so be prepared for the bugs.
  • Snorkeling gear. If you plan on doing any snorkeling, bringing your own gear will save on rental fees or having to buy some.
  • Bottle opener. A lot of beverages in the Caribbean are still sold in glass bottles with caps that you need an opener for. Just pick up a cheap one for your keyring.

There are other things you’ll need to pack of course, like your camera, phone, charging equipment, etc. But these basics will serve you well on your trip to Grand Cayman Island.

Trying to decide what to pack for your Caribbean trip? Here are some basic you’ll want to include.Trying to decide what to pack for your Caribbean trip? Here are some basic you’ll want to include.

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  • September 13th, 2016

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