A Quick Guide To The Music, Culture And Food Of The Cayman Islands

You can learn a lot from the Cayman Islands by taking a look at the music, culture, and food here. Whether you’re strolling Grand Cayman’s streets or visiting one of the Cayman Islands’ beautiful beaches, you’ll no doubt come into contact with rhythms, people and flavors that make you take notice.


Everything to discover on our islands seems to revolve around great tunes, events, and eats, in fact. The sounds of a kitchen band blending jazz and soul surround you one minute before you’re suddenly emerged in a vibrant street art scene or tempting to relax in a beachside bar.


The Cayman Islands’ love of reggae and calypso music leads visitors to become entranced nearly anywhere they go. Festivals throughout the year bring together contemporary and classical musicians, and art galleries present rotating and permanent exhibitions that echo our people’s energy.


There is so much to discover on the Cayman Islands and so much to learn about those who call the islands home. Architecture in a full spectrum astounds. From Old World buildings to modern design, it all merges seamlessly alongside the Cayman population.


Here is just a quick guide to the music, culture, and food that’s in store for you in the Cayman Islands:


Pedro St. James National Historic Site


At the Pedro St. James National Historic Site, take a step back in time to experience the heritage and history of the Cayman Islands. Popularly known by residents as “Pedro’s Castle,” the grand great house that sits on the site is the oldest stone structure on all of the islands.


Many tales, cultural and historic, come out of and are inspired by this spot. Pedro’s Castle was built in 1780 by Willian Eden, a wealthy Englishman who used the house as a plantation, jail, courthouse and government assembly. Created by slave labor, the site is said to be haunted and jinxed, yet it has survived hurricanes, vandalism, and fires.


Cayman Cookout and the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean


Many visitors who come to the Cayman Islands want to discover the best food and drink around. It’s no wonder to us locals why they call the islands, in particular, Grand Cayman, the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean.


World-renowned chefs have their restaurants on our islands and you’ll find amazing artisanal fare nearly anywhere you go. During the first part of every year, the annual Cayman Cookout in January offers some of the tastiest cuisine by some of the most talented chefs on the planet.


Many food festivals take place throughout the year on the Cayman Islands, and there are always bars and pubs serving up their delicacies. You’ll meet some incredible master mixologists right here near South Bay Beach Club, in fact. Live music almost always accompanies cocktails on Grand Cayman.


Music and the Arts


Music, film, visual arts, theatre, design, and fashion are celebrated daily on the Cayman Islands. It’s not hard to find movie screenings, art shows and comprehensive festivals that showcase local and international artistic talent.


Enjoy attending art discussions, dress-up events, and other parties and festivities when you’re visiting the Cayman Islands.


Need someone to help you plan the perfect visit to our islands? Get insider tips for the best things to do and see on Grand Cayman and beyond by talking to one of our staff members.

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  • November 21st, 2018

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