Best Activities For You And Your Young Children In The Caymans

Best Activities For You And Your Young Children In The Caymans

Finding a family-friendly vacation destination that you actually love too is sometimes no easy task. Luckily, though, the Cayman Islands are there. With their stunning natural beauty and deep history, there are endless numbers of activities for your entire troupe. So make your plans and get ready to enjoy some of the best sun, sand, sea and history on offer anywhere. You’ll never have time in one visit to do all that there is to do, but here are some of our favorites:

Cultural sites are everywhere in the Caymans. Definitely check out the verdant flora and fauna of the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, with its accompanying indigenous Cayman blue iguana and aquatic animals and birds, which will all capture the kids’ attention. Another great stop is Pedro St. James Castle, the oldest building in the Caymans, which is full of interesting facts and yet won’t overwhelm children with too much information. Also a must-see for the kids is the Cayman Brac Museum, a great place to engage their imaginations in a fun atmosphere.

The possibilities here are endless. However, a good place to start is at Stingray City, where your young ones can literally feed and hang out with the stingrays in a safe, supervised environment. You’ll hop on a sailboat to get out there, so it’s a great day activity and will engage their minds and bodies for hours. Swimming with the dolphins at either Dolphin Cove or Dolphin Discovery is another great activity. Also, don’t discount the simplicity of a day spent on a boat on the way to snorkeling in the pristine, crystal-clear Cayman waters.

Going Deep
Few adventures will be as exciting for your kids as traveling down deep in the ocean in a submarine and seeing what’s really going on there. Check out Atlantis submarines, which offer comfortable, relaxing, fun and completely dry excursions that will leave them spellbound. Go during the day or at night. Either way, a wetsuit is not required.

Burn Some Energy
As any parent knows, offering their kids endless chances to exercise and blow off some steam is key, and the Caymans offer beautiful, safe ways to do that. None more so than West Bay Loop. You can rent children’s bikes and buggies to take the whole family on the flat trails that are mostly free of traffic. Camana Bay, with its fountains, climbable tower and beautiful courtyards, is another great destination.

The great news is, you don’t even have to be limited by these diverse choices. There are many more from which to choose, so pack your bags and know you’ll have plenty of activities to keep the kids busy throughout your stay.

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  • April 17th, 2017

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