The Best Labor Day Getaways

The Best Labor Day Getaways

For many, Labor Day is not just a welcomed long weekend, but the slightly wistful end to the summer season. If you are in the United States or Northern Hemisphere, that can mean the days getting shorter and the temperatures dropping.

But you don’t have to feel the chill, at least for these three days. Instead, think about booking a relaxing holiday that will keep your bones warm every second of the day, at least until your flight lands back home at the conclusion of the weekend.

Here are a handful of our favorite destinations for Labor Day weekend 2017:

The Cayman Islands
This British Overseas Territory encompasses three islands—Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman—and are some of the most perfectly suited islands for relaxing or activities anywhere. Whether you want to sun at a resort-style pool or on its pristine, white-sand beaches with a view to crystal-clear azure waters, the Caymans are the perfect retreat, as temperatures are constantly warm and temperate. Conversely, if motion is your thing, there are endless possibilities. These include, snorkeling, diving, sailing, cruising, kayaking, swimming with dolphins, submarining, hiking and visiting historic sites. How’s that for choices?

Sometimes people in the U.S. search and search for a tropical island to escape to for sun, warmth and peace, or, alternately, for extended summertime activities. Accordingly, if you are seeking either, don’t overlook this breathtakingly beautiful collection of eight mountainous islands, especially because you don’t need a passport nor are there customs to deal with. From the hustle and bustle of Honolulu to the perfect point breaks and tourist attractions of Maui, to the coffee plantations in Kona on the Big Island, Hawaii has it all, with a warm South Pacific climate to match.

Baja Wine Country
When people talk about vacationing in Baja, California, the long peninsula belonging to Mexico that extends south from the U.S., most are thinking about Cabo San Lucas. This resort town at the southern tip of Baja has been made famous by celebrities and people with money and it’s a great place if you want that vibe. However, if you are wine lover and want to experience a trip that really has some excitement as well as great food and wine, visit Valle de Guadalupe. Located just 90 miles from San Diego, this burgeoning wine region is garnering international attention for its vastly improved wines and culinary options. It still has a Wild West feel to it, Mexican-style, and yet is more sophisticated than you would imagine.

So close your eyes, point to one of these awesome destinations and book your trip now, or choose your own. Either way, plan to make Labor Day more than just another boring picnic. All you have to do is point and click.

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  • July 5th, 2017

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