The Best Places To Spend Christmas Abroad

The Best Places To Spend Christmas Abroad

We all feel obliged to spend Christmas the same way every year. Consequently, what should be a joyous, thankful holiday often becomes hard work and drudgery as we fight the crowds and crass commercialization to buy all the “things” we think will make our loved ones happy.

Here’s a fresh idea, though: How about putting some joy back into your holidays and taking your family or loved one on an invigorating trip abroad to see how Christmas is celebrated—or not—elsewhere in the world? If this concept piques your interest, read on for our favorite destinations for Christmas 2017.

The Cayman Islands
There is never not a good time to go to this tropical, sophisticated yet family-friendly tropical paradise. The weather is lovely all year round, which is perfect for those caught in the brutal, long winters of the Northern Hemisphere. Imagine basking in the warm, tropical sunlight, laying on picturesque white-sand beaches and staring at or playing in azure-blue waters instead.

There are also many sightseeing destinations for you and your love, or the entire family, and the dining options are limitless. Accordingly, you’ll be able to enjoy the Christmas meal of your dreams in an unparalleled tropical destination. What more could you ask for?

Much of modern Christmas lore and customs, such as the Christmas tree, derive from this Western European nation. Typically, the tree was brought into the home on Christmas Eve and decorated, then presents exchanged. This tradition lives on into the present for the most part in Germany and makes it a particularly festive time of year to visit. Sure, it’s a bit chilly, but there are plenty of warm beverages to enjoy, and if you’ve never experienced the Christmas markets then you must visit.

Head to Thailand for an even more exotic Dec. 25. True, just a few percent of the Thai population consider itself Christian, but don’t be surprised to see Christmas trees all around this tropical destination in late December. The Thai love the spectacle of it, but they do not stop their lives for it. So, you will be both aware of Christmas and gloriously not overwhelmed by the commercialization of it.

There are many other reasons to visit this Southeast Asian country, not the least of which is to experience its Buddhist culture and architecture. It is home to some of the most breathtaking buildings and churches in the world, as well as amazing greenery. Oh, and the temperatures will be firmly in the 90s in December, so your friends will be jealous when you return home a bronzed god or goddess.

Regardless of where you go, remember that the holidays can be whatever you want them to be, so make them so.

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  • October 25th, 2017

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