It’s Carnival Month In The Cayman Islands

You can never have too many carnivals. This is why Cayman residents and visitors can now celebrate island life and culture at the CayMAS Carnival, an event that includes a Pan Explosion, Soca, Carnival Saturday gathering and more.

Make an entry in your calendar to attend CayMAS Carnival from May 17th to the 21st, and come together with locals and tourists to experience J’ouvert, Las Lap Celebration and activities that are unlike those at any other Cayman Carnival. People from different cultures and backgrounds discover Cayman in a new way at CayMAS Carnival, which is billed as a carnival bumped up to a whole other level.

There will be a host of parties and parades that extend the joy of carnivals held earlier in the month, and that usher in the holidays leading up to and taking place in summertime. The weather will be pleasant and the music will set the rhythm for fun.

CayMAS Carnival Schedule

The people of Cayman and our visitors are in for a treat at CayMAS. The carnival will include:

● Thursday Night – Pan Explosion with Earl La Pierre
● Friday Night – CayMas Friday Flaunt
● Saturday – It’s Carnival Saturday!
● Sunday – Run Point & Soca

Why You Should Attend CayMAS Carnival

CayMAS Carnival is the people of Cayman’s answer to the need for fun, sun, sea, sand and Soca! It’s a great way to enjoy island life in an authentic and vibrant style. This carnival is created to unveil the jewel of Cayman to the world, and to give all who attend a complete Caribbean experience.

Make your way to CayMAS Carnival and parade down the streets of beautiful Grand Cayman in colorful costume. Join the people from all over the islands. No matter what differences we may have, we all are one on Discovery Day holiday weekend when CayMAS Carnival livens up the mood with fantastic festivities.

Take in the stunning scenery of Seven Mile Beach including the crystal clear water and soft white sand. No one will be able to leave these shores after CayMAS Carnival without fabulous memories to take with them.

Find out more at Caymas.ky and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/caymascarnival.

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  • May 15th, 2018

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