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October Is Restaurant Month On Grand Cayman

Perhaps the city you call home hosts periodic ‘Restaurant Week’ events where selected restaurants offer pre-fixe menus for reduced prices. These events allow more people to experience cuisine they may not sample otherwise, resulting in broadened palettes and plenty of fun. The Cayman Islands Tourism Association took Restaurant Week a step further with Restaurant Month, an annual event happening throughout October. Take a moment to learn about this fabulous month-long extravaganza for the taste buds.

The Caribbean’s Best

Treat yourself to some of the most extraordinary cuisines in the Caribbean with pre-fixe menus from participating Grand Cayman restaurants. The fun starts October 1st and lasts the whole month, providing locals and tourists alike with lunch and dinner menus for only CI$15 and CI$25, respectively. Whether you are new to Cayman Island fare or simply want to taste your favorite food creations for a lower price, this event has what you’re looking for. And while the participating restaurant list hasn’t come out yet and changes every year, past participants include establishments from the famous Seven Mile Island Beach.

Cocktail Week

Restaurant Month on Grand Cayman also includes Cocktail Week, happening October 25th through the 31st. The finest bartenders and mixologists on the island come together for this week-long event to provide delicious libations for low prices. Those behind Cayman Cocktail Week also host a variety of events throughout the month, including Muddled, a cocktail competition on Thursday, October 3rd at the Barolo Lounge at 7 pm.

Other events include Cocktails & Shopping at Carey’s Karma Closet on Wednesday, October 9th from 5 pm to 7 pm. Free cocktails and discounted shopping make up this fun event. And don’t miss the Cayman Cocktail Tour on Tuesday, October 15th from 5:45 pm to 9:30 pm at four surprise destinations. There’s also Meet the Master Distiller at the Westin Lobby Bar on Friday, October 25th from 5 pm to 7 pm among other exciting events.

Don’t Miss The Fun

No matter what event you attend or which establishments you visit during Restaurant Month, you’re guaranteed a unique island experience you’ll always remember. Make events that capture your attention part of your itinerary as you plan a Caribbean vacation that’s perfect for fall. Escape the cooler weather and bask in the island sun while sipping cocktails and consuming the best food Grand Cayman has to offer.

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  • October 10th, 2019

Free Events Throughout October On Grand Cayman

Just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune every day of your trip. Grand Cayman may offer a variety of events you need to pay for every month, but there are plenty that fall into the “free of charge” category. Review some of the best free events happening in Grand Cayman this October as you plan your fall trip to one of the most celebrated islands in the Caribbean.

Imagination Playground Every Tuesday & Saturday At 10 am

Visit the Towne Center on any Tuesday or Saturday morning during your October Grand Cayman trip to give the kids a wondrous time without spending a penny. Imagination Playground combines dancing fountains with giant foam blocks in assorted sizes and shapes for children to play with. Your little ones can build animals, houses, rocket ships, and practically anything else they can think of during this free biweekly event. The huge foam blocks invite the imagination to stay and play awhile.

Open Canvas Every Wednesday At 7 pm

Support and celebrate local artists any Wednesday throughout the month of October at 7 pm with Open Canvas. Stop by KARoo in Camana Bay to watch artists bring new work to brilliant life. Participating artists must bring their own easel and supplies. This free event is a wonderful way to see what the area’s artists are working on and expose your children to the culture of the islands.

Sing-Along Story Time

Give the kids a chance to read during your vacation and meet local children with Sing-Along Story Time, a free event every Sunday at 10:30 am at Books & Books on Grand Cayman. The bookstore invites readers between the ages of 4 and 7 to enjoy this event, which includes singing along to their favorite stories.

Halloween Moonlight & Movies

Head to The Crescent on Halloween night (Thursday, October 31st) to watch a “spooky” movie for free. The Halloween Moonlight & Movies event shows a family-friendly movie every year from 7 pm to 9 pm for tourists and locals to enjoy. The title of the film will be announced closer to the event date but, you are guaranteed it won’t be too scary for the kids…or for you since we know not everyone likes horror movies.

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  • October 3rd, 2019

How To Prepare For A Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery Tour

Rum is the staple spirit of the Caribbean. Whether the brown or clear liquor is one of your favorites or you simply want to learn more about the history of Caribbean Rum, the Cayman Spirits Co. has what you are looking for. The operational craft distillery company offers several tour options, including those featuring Georgetown-area shopping so you can make libation-inspired purchases. If a distillery tour is a Grand Cayman must for you, use these tips to ensure the experience is everything you hoped for:

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

The effects of alcohol are always more severe when you don’t sleep well the night before. Get seven to eight hours of restful sleep the night before your tour to arrive refreshed and ready to learn all about the titular spirit. Being well-rested also helps you feel energized and alert instead of groggy, irritable, and unable to concentrate.

Eat A Hearty Breakfast

Much like lack of sleep, an empty stomach allows alcohol to hit you sooner. Rather than feeling loopy too early in the day, enjoy a good breakfast so you aren’t hungry when you arrive at the distillery. Consume foods rich in fiber and protein that take longer to digest and keep you satiated so you can try scotch bonnet rum, Seven Fathoms Rum (the national rum of the islands), and local botanical gins among other spirits without getting too intoxicated.

Bring Sun Protection

Drinking in the tropical sun is a surefire ticket to Drunkville, so take steps to protect yourself from UV rays. In addition to wearing plenty of sunblock, consider investing in a wide-brimmed hat and staying in the shade as often as possible. The less sun exposure you get, the more you will be able to fully enjoy your distillery experience.

Stay Hydrated

Alcohol dehydrates the body, which is one of the reasons you get drunk and feel terrible the next day. Sip water as you take this tour to not only stay hydrated and healthy but to dilute the alcohol. Doing so means you retain fewer calories. Alcohol promotes weight gain because the body recognizes it as a toxin, causing your metabolism to stop while your organs try to get rid of the libation as quickly as possible. Water helps you avoid empty calorie-related weight gain.

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  • September 25th, 2019

What To Expect During A Cayman Island Cave Tour

Grand Cayman offers plenty of fantastic ways to fill your days, including a wide variety of natural attractions that leave you in awe. Among these many attractions is the Cayman Crystal Caves, a stunning natural wonder that formed over millions of years. If planning a visit to this stalactite and stalagmite attraction is on your Grand Cayman to-do list, here’s what you need to know before you enter:

Look But Don’t Touch

When entering the Cayman Crystal Caves or any other stalactite and stalagmite cave, you can look but you absolutely cannot touch anything. The oils on your skin have a damaging effect on the minerals, resulting in degradation that affects the cave’s appearance and quality. Stay in your tour group’s line and maintain a healthy distance from all cave structures when taking photos.

Prepare For A Slight Chill

Since caves are under the ground, they are naturally cooler than the surface temperature. And while Cayman Crystal Caves has open-air sections and therefore access to tropical breezes, it is still a good idea to bring a hoodie or sweatshirt with you to avoid feeling cold when you should be enjoying the stunning surroundings.

Know How Long Your Tour Lasts

Check the timeframe for your guided tour, as it will last an hour and a half. In addition to taking a 45-minute walk through the three main caves, including the glittering lake cave and the roots cave, you will enjoy a 30-minute natural walk through the magical tropical forest that created the caves so long ago. Since you will walk for an hour and a half, use the facilities before you enter and ensure you have all of your belongings with you, including your phone or camera.

The tour also includes 15 minutes of free time for enjoying the viewing deck and purchasing something to eat from the snack shop, which is also the gift shop.

Book Before You Arrive In Grand Cayman

Reserve your tour instead of trying to get in the day of. All tours with Cayman Crystal Caves require pre-booking; however, tours are available every day all year long so you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Tour times start at 9 am, with the last one beginning at 4 pm. You may want to see what other attractions are nearby when planning your itinerary.

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  • September 18th, 2019

Dance The Night Away: Boogie Nights at The Wharf Restaurant & Bar

Whether you were a disco kid or simply love getting down to the sounds of the ‘70s, The Wharf Restaurant & Bar has you covered. The famed establishment puts on an old-school dance party at the end of every month, allowing tourists and locals to shake their groove thangs all night long. Known as Boogie Nights, September’s event happens on Friday the 27th.

Free To Attend

This free dance party starts at 9 pm and features the best tunes from the 1970s as well as the oh-so-fantastic ‘80s so you and everyone with you feel that “night fever.” DJ Flex 345 from Kiss 106.1 FM will be on hand spinning favorite songs and taking requests. There are also prizes for the best costumes and dance moves making Boogie Nights a themed event you won’t want to pass up.

The Last Friday Of The Month

If you can’t make the September dance party for any reason, don’t worry. The Wharf Restaurant & Bar holds Boogie Nights on the last Friday of every month so locals and travelers alike get the chance to dance to some of their favorite songs from two of the arguably best decades in music. This establishment requires reservations, so make yours now and avoid missing any of the glammed-out action.

Friday On The Patio

Since live music events are a Grand Cayman staple, there’s no need to worry if your travel plans don’t include the last Friday of the month. There’s still plenty of music to dance to and enjoy. Friday on the Patio at Royal Palms happens at the end of every workday so you can start your weekend off right. DJs spin at the hotel’s fabulous patio from 5 pm to 2 am, playing the island’s best house beats. Beer and wine specials are included so you don’t have to miss happy hour if you want to dance.

If hitting up both establishments sounds like the perfect Friday to you, they are conveniently located on West Bay Road in Grand Cayman. That’s one of the many great things about our island paradise–you never have to walk far to find something fantastic to do.

Don’t wait to experience these and many other events throughout every month on Grand Cayman. Book your stay at the South Beach Bay Club today and come back to luxurious accommodations after every daily adventure.

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  • September 9th, 2019

3 Brunch Options For Your September Visit To Grand Cayman

There’s no visiting Grand Cayman without experiencing at least one of the fabulous brunch options. Our island paradise impresses locals and visitors alike in a wide variety of ways, and brunch events are no exception. The Boulangerie Brunch at the Anchor & Den in the Marriott Beach Resort is one such event that never fails to satisfy, as well as the event that happens every Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton. Check out three exceptional brunch events providing the perfect end–or beginning–to your Grand Cayman experience. No matter where you go, you can expect brunch done the right way.

Boulangerie Brunch, Anchor & Den

Happening every Sunday at the Anchor & Den on West Bay Road from 12 pm to 2 pm, Boulangerie Brunch features a tantalizing selection of European cheeses you won’t find stateside, as well as homemade pastries offering that extra sweetness often necessary on Sunday morning. An extra-fat pretzel or side of ice cream, anyone? There are also bottomless glasses of De Chanceny’s Cremant de Loire to make it a true brunch experience.

Champagne Brunch At The Ritz Carlton

The glitz and glamour of the Ritz Carlton combine with traditional Grand Cayman breakfast foods to create this brunch option. The Moët & Chandon flows as the amazing seafood display provides plenty of delicious possibilities for your plate. And because this brunch is all about traditional Caribbean food, you can expect a bit of spice with every dish. Like the Boulangerie Brunch, this weekly event happens from 12 pm to 3 pm on West Bay Road via Seven Mile Beach.

LUCA Sunday Brunch

If socializing is your favorite thing about brunch, the one happening at LUCA at the Caribbean Club Hotel offers exactly what you want. Dine al fresco as you mingle with new friends and fellow travelers alike, swapping stories and enjoying the free-flowing prosecco. And since LUCA is a contemporary Italian restaurant, you can expect brunch cuisine with similar flare. Doors open at 11:30 am and stay open until 2:30 pm. LUCA is also located on a wondrous stretch of Seven Mile Beach to help you truly enjoy island life.

Brunch Prices

Reservations are recommended no matter which brunch option you select, with prices varying by the establishment. Sunday Brunch at LUCA costs around $70 and $92 for the Anchor & Den and Ritz Carlton, respectively. The Anchor & Den also offers a $62 brunch option for those who don’t want to order alcohol.

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  • August 29th, 2019

6 Tips For Avoiding Seasickness On Your Upcoming Sailing Excursion

Sailing is among the many fabulous experiences to enjoy during your Grand Cayman stay. Not only do you feel the sea breeze on your face as you glide effortlessly through the water, but you also enjoy stunning views of the coastline and may get glimpses of assorted marine friends. If you are prone to motion sickness but still can’t wait to step aboard, use these tips to keep seasickness out of the equation:

Don’t Drink The Night Before

Avoid drinking alcohol the night before your sailing adventure, or at least keep the libations to a minimum and drink lots of water. Alcohol dehydrates you to increase your risk of seasickness, especially if you have had motion sickness issues in the past. Hangover symptoms such as head pain and nausea also make seasickness significantly worse.

Avoid Heavy Foods

Consume simple foods in the hours before you sail such as oatmeal, cereal, and other bland options. Abstain from greasy, heavy, spicy, or acidic foods that can upset the stomach and make you feel nauseous. Acidic beverages should be avoided for the same reasons.

Keep Ginger Ale Within Reach

Maintain a calm stomach by sipping ginger ale, a known motion sickness soother. Peppermint and other mint products also calm the stomach so you revel in the experience instead of hanging over the edge feeling sick.

Breathe Fresh Air

Avoid noxious exhaust odors while sailing and focus on breathing fresh air, especially if you don’t feel well. Look towards the horizon so your eyes “see” the motion of the boat and send the right signals to inner ears and subsequently your brain. Take deep breaths to calm your body and prevent vomiting.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Rest well the night before your sailing excursion, since feeling tired and anxious can aggravate seasickness symptoms. This is another reason to avoid alcohol since the liquid interferes with a good night’s sleep in addition to making you feel bad in the morning.

Don’t Stare

Avoid staring at walls, decor pieces, and anything onboard your eyes and brain normally recognize as motionless. Look around instead of fixating on anything for any length of time to keep your eyes, inner ears, and brain in harmony.

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  • August 15th, 2019

Why Stingray City Sandbars Are A Grand Cayman Must

As you are planning your Grand Cayman itinerary, consider adding Stingray City Sandbar to the list. There are actually two famous sandbars surrounded by crystal-clear tropical waters off Grand Cayman, both of which provide adventures you and your fellow travel buddies will always remember. Take a moment to learn what makes Stingray City so special before exploring tour options.

A Quick History

Once upon a time, it was common for fishermen returning home for the day to anchor their boats in North Sound to clean their catch. The shallow, well-protected area located behind Barrier Reef avoided the splash and crash of waves, and soon a second area became a popular fisherman spot. Stingrays started gathering in the shallows to feast on the fish bits the men threw back into the water, which became a late afternoon ritual that went on for years. In 1981 a couple of dive instructors decided to pay the rays a visit. They brought cameras and lots of squid parts with them and found the rays to be shy and in no way aggressive.

By 1986 one of the instructors penned an article called “The Valley of the Rays,” which then became known as Stingray City. It also got the moniker ‘Stingray City Sandbar,’ and became one of Grand Cayman’s most popular snorkeling and scuba diving sites.

Typical Stingray City Sandbar Trips

If visiting these gentle giants sounds intriguing, there are many tour options to select from. “Breakfast” tours in the mornings are available, as are all-day trips. Day-long trips usually include visits to some of Grand Cayman’s most famous attractions in addition to Stingray City, such as the famous and beautiful Rum Point Beach. Depending on what tour you select, you will enjoy activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, and kayaking. Drinks and food are also available on board your chosen caterman. Some include access to a fully-stocked bar.

These tours allow you to interact with the curious and playful rays that are adorably known as the “puppies of the sea.” Feed and pet them–they love it as much as you will!

Is a tour of Stingray City a Grand Cayman must? South Beach Bay Club recommends tours through Red Sail Sports, the tourism company that has kept the adventure going since 1987. Contact South Beach Bay Club today to make your resort reservation and learn more about Red Sail Sports.

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  • August 9th, 2019

Miss Cayman Islands Universe Pageant Coming To The Ritz-Carlton This August

Whether you are a longtime lover of pageants or want to experience the glitz and glamour of such happenings in another country, Miss Cayman Islands Universe 2019 is the event for you. Hurley’s Media presents this fabulous event at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman, one of the island’s most exclusive and beautiful hotels. Take a moment to learn more about why this event is a must-see.

A Tradition Since 1977

This national beauty pageant has been part of the collective consciousness since 1977 when winner Patricia Jane Jackson-Patiño from Georgetown was crowned. The event chooses the country’s entrants into the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants and provides an avenue for some of the country’s most beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated young women. The winner serves as the local and national ambassador for the Cayman Islands, with current Miss Cayman Islands Universe Caitlyn Tyson noting how the experience and subsequent competition in the Miss World pageant in Thailand was a “life-changing experience.” Her cause was children and improving school life.

A Night Of Beauty & Fun

The Miss Cayman Islands Universe pageant functions as any other event of its caliber and includes a swimsuit and ball gown competition as well as a question and answer section. Participants are judged on their poise and commitment to their charity of choice in addition to their appearance. The winner receives a $70K scholarship along with a 2019 Kia K3 for her reign’s duration and employment at the Department of Tourism. She also participants in Miss Universe; the runners-up receive scholarship money as well.

The Date & Time

This annual tradition takes place on Saturday, August 17th, 2019 at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Ballroom on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. The event starts at 6:00 pm and runs until 11:00 pm. Tickets are not yet available.

Why not experience the magic of Miss Cayman Islands Universe during your stay on this island paradise? Treat yourself to a formal night out amidst days spent wearing bathing suits and board shorts. You’ll undoubtedly love the chance to dress in your finest and applaud some of the country’s most accomplished and beautiful women.

Don’t miss this or any other exciting events on Grand Cayman during your August stay! Book your accommodations now by contacting South Bay Beach Club, one of Grand Cayman’s most stunning resorts.

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  • July 31st, 2019

Don’t Miss The 13th Annual Cowgirl Dance Competition!

Just because you’re enjoying an epic trip in Grand Cayman doesn’t mean you have to leave everything Western culture-related behind. The 13th Annual Cowgirl Dance Competition at Lone Star Bar & Grill on Seven Mile Beach brings the Wild West to one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world for a night of fun you won’t forget.

Dancing The Night Away

This annual competition is one of the most electrifying events from the Lone Star Bar & Grill and features a soundtrack courtesy of Rooster 101 and Z99, two of Grand Cayman’s best radio stations. Contestants strut their best stuff on the bar–yep, the actual bar, just like in Coyote Ugly–to hopefully win the $1,000 cash prize. Participants are judged on their dance moves, costume, appearance, and how excited they get the crowd. Multiple rounds have been a staple of competitions past to choose a winner among the many talented contestants. Each dancer performs a three to five-minute song.

In addition to the winner receiving a $1,000 cash prize, all participants get their bar tabs taken care of by management. The event is so popular it’s not uncommon to see patrons out on the patio area shouting encouraging words to the latest dancers.

A Few Other Performances To Note

Not only will the 13th Annual Cowgirl Dance Competition feature some of the best and brightest amateur talent on the island, it will also include performances by Pole Dance Fitness courtesy of Quintessential Movement. There is usually a pole dance performance to start the evening and one to break up the competition.

The Date & Time

The free event starts at 9:00 pm on Friday, August 9th, 2019 and goes into the night. If you intend to visit Grand Cayman during this time, mark this competition on your calendar to enjoy a Western-themed night that’s still unique to the island. Contact the bar if you have any interest in participating, as space is usually limited.

Don’t miss the chance to kick up your cowboy boots and have a fantastic time at one of Grand Cayman’s favorite local haunts. There’s always something new and exciting happening on Seven Mile Beach to help you get the most from your island getaway.

Book your Grand Cayman accommodations now or learn more about things to do on the island by contacting South Beach Bay Club today.

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  • July 24th, 2019

To Hell And Back: Why This Devilish Detour Is A Must-Do On Your Cayman Vacation

Yes, you read all of that correctly. Who would have thought that in a location as heavenly as the Cayman Islands, there’d be an opportunity to visit Hell.
Protruding out of its lush surroundings of the West Bay is a formation of black and jagged limestone known to the locals as Hell. With a 24-million year history, this wicked fossil coral reef, also known as Ironshore, is certainly unique.
Folklore about the origins of Hell’s name is varied and unverified. Some locals say the dark, eerie and spiky landscape created by the limestone resembles what they imagine Hell might look like. Others think it was simply because a British general exclaimed “oh hell!” while unsuccessfully attempting to hunt birds in the area.
Regardless of Hell’s creation story, it still manages to create a silly, educational, family-friendly experience for all.
Over the years, Hell has attracted large numbers of tourists leading to more and more novelty experiences popping up around the limestone attraction. Club Inferno is the area’s go-to for local drinks and dancing. There’s a gift shop painted with flames and littered with playfully devil-dressed men. And if you find yourself missing home, you can let friends and family know you wish they were in Hell with you by sending some postcards from the local post office. The lines aren’t as bad as you’d expect.
The highway to Hell is a simple street named… you guessed it… Hell Road. Between Fountain and Miss Daisy Lane, you’ll find Hell’s gift shop and post office. Just keep in mind: While it’s rare to experience a cold day in Hell, the area does tend to get a little extra toasty in the summer, so make sure you’re up for it and bring lots of water to stay hydrated.
No doubt Grand Cayman is best known for its clear waters best suited for diving and fishing, and sand suitable for all-day worship, but taking some time to explore the quirkier offerings can help make this vacation stand out from other island getaways. If you feel the need to repent for all the “see you in Hell” postcards you’ll be sending loved ones, don’t fret. Hell does have its own church.
While there’s still much to learn about it, there’s one thing about Hell we know for sure- whether you’re intrigued by unique rock formations, strange landscapes, sinister novelty experiences, or puns related to eternal damnation (and who doesn’t?), Hell Grand Cayman has something for you.

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  • July 17th, 2019

5 Things To Pack For Your Grand Cayman Trip

Your visit to Grand Cayman will be filled with wild sea adventures and unique, unforgettable experiences. Making sure you have everything you need to enjoy the moments and capture the excitement can help make your trip more satisfying all around. Here are some things to make sure to bring along for the ride:
1. Your Camera
From swimming with stingrays to snorkeling through the coral reefs, exploring novelty shops and picnicking with a movie under the stars, you’ll want to capture it all. Consider a waterproof case for your phone or camera so you can take big risks for the great family shot. UV protector filters for camera lenses might help, too.
2. Summer-Friendly Clothes
Let your skin breathe in the humid summer days with light and flowy tanks and shorts. And of course, don’t forget your swimsuit! The island style is relaxed and somewhat conservative. Some might call it “smart-casual” so it’s often best to keep beachwear at the beach and bring some breathable pants for nights out on the town. A jacket or sweatshirt could be helpful for evening layering if the air gets a little chilly.
3. Comfortable Shoes
Whether you’re roaming the shops or crashing on the sun-drenched sand, you’ll likely be seeking comfort. After all, this is your vacation. There aren’t many nature trails or hikes on the islands so don’t worry so much about sneakers. Comfortable sandals should do the trick and maybe a pair of dressier shoes for nights out at the local watering hole.
4. Sun Protection and Insect Repellent
From sunglasses to sunscreen, you’ll want to make sure you and the kiddos have all bases covered. It might also be worth considering some protective sun shirts for your time in the water, especially if you’ll be out on long adventures snorkeling the coral reef. Insect repellent is also a wise choice to toss in the suitcase to make your tropical nights a little less itchy.
5. Your Travel Essentials
Passports, photo IDs, plane tickets, hotel reservations. Be sure to bring these and perhaps some extra copies just in case things get wet or wild. Don’t forget to keep these items safe throughout your travel. Additional essentials for a tropical vacation can include protective phone or camera cases which are a worthy investment, too. Ensure your digital gadgets don’t get damaged by the sun, salt, and humidity. Major credit cards are accepted on the islands but keeping small bills around can make shopping with local vendors or tipping servers easier.
So now that you’ve got your bags packed, when do we leave?

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  • July 3rd, 2019

Celebrate Constitution Day This July With Caymanian Culture And History

Canada, France, and the U.S. all celebrate patriotic holidays in the month of July. And the Cayman Islands are no exception. Each year, on the first Monday of July, locals and visitors alike celebrate Constitution Day, a public holiday commemorating the islands’ first constitution which passed 60 years ago in 1959.
This year’s events will take place on July 1st and you can expect the entertainment to be fun for the whole family. Enjoy live music, food and drink vendors, or win prizes at crowd-favorite festival games. Kids can express themselves with arts and crafts projects or get their faces painted, and the whole family can enjoy the fireworks show which kicks off at 8:30 pm.
Here’s a little background on the festivities and what, exactly, is being celebrated:
The Cayman Islands have been governed by the British government since the 17th century and become a colony of Jamaica in 1863. However, when Jamaica declared independence from Britain in 1952, the Cayman Islands declared a desire to remain part of the British Empire instead. Their new constitution enacted that, and also gave Caymanian women the right to vote. So there’s a lot to celebrate this July and you can do so under sun and by the sea at Camana Bay’s Constitution Day celebration.
Celebrating Constitution Day will let you experience and celebrate rich Caymanian culture. Similar to Jamaican food, Caymanian food includes seafood like mahi-mahi and snapper, veggies, and tasty spices. Conch with lime juice or cooked in a chowder is a very popular.
Caymanian folk music, calypso, jazz, and reggae will also be on full display for family fun and dancing.
Before the events kick off, Camana Bay offers shops and dining opportunities that are sure to get the fun started early. 3 Girls and a Kiln, for instance, is a local art collective offering ceramics, paintings, and upcycled repurposed gifts. Activ Angels is a one-stop shop for the active lifestyle, offering yoga apparel and accessories as well as athleisure. And the Bay Market offers gourmet organic, vegetarian, and vegan items, including produce and pantry essentials. And that’s just to name a few.
Camana Bay’s diverse selection of restaurants can satiate any shopper’s hunger, fueling you up to keep the souvenir scouting and shopping spree going.
Event Details
At the Camana Bay Crescent, expect to dance along to a life DJ from 6:30-9:30 pm and don’t forget to catch the fireworks show starting at 8:30 pm.

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  • June 26th, 2019

Don’t Miss 2019’s Summer Moonlight & Movies

While catching a flick may not seem like the ideal activity for a visit to Grand Cayman, this annual outdoor event provides a chance for families to wind down after warm and adventurous days. With ample time to bond and relax under the Cayman moonlight, this event is just the recharge needed for another day of island exploration.
Camana Bay’s annual Summer Moonlight & Movies event is back every Tuesday night throughout June, July, and August. It’s your chance to gather with family and other neighbors of the Cayman community to unwind under the stars with a fun, kid-friendly flick.
The films will be hosted at Gardenia Court all summer starting each Tuesday night at 7 pm. The Road to El Dorado kickstarts 2019’s series on June 21st, with Curious George closing it out on August 30th. Other films you can catch before fall include animated adventure-comedy Puss in Boots, stop-motion fantasy comedy The Boxtrolls, Steve Carrell’s and Wanda Sykes’ comic-inspired Over the Hedge, and 1980s classic Back to the Future. All films are rated PG-13 or under making this stress-free night fit for almost everyone.
For extra fun, on the first Tuesday of each month bring the kids early for a Kiddie Drive-In. Children can create and customize their own cardboard car and park it in front of the big screen for a unique experience. These cardboard car crafts start at 5 pm with all supplies provided giving the kid’s a unique and classic movie-viewing adventure.
Before the show, families are encouraged to dine at Camana Bay’s diverse restaurants which offer up options such as tapas, pizza, Asian-inspired dishes, organic and vegan items, and other gourmet delights. For the grown-ups, craft beers and cocktails are available at many dining locations. And don’t forget to stop for some gelato or French pastries for dessert. Movie-goers looking for a cozier evening are also invited to bring their own picnic to munch throughout the show.
The event’s organizer, Rosa DaCosta, urges folks to join in on the fun, saying “it’s a great opportunity for the community to come to Camana Bay, the restaurants are quite busy, it brings people here to Camana Bay where it’s a safe place to be.”
Be sure to arrive early with your blankets to grab a comfy spot on the lawn as seating is first-come, first-serve. On a quiet Tuesday around the island, this free event is sure to fill up quickly.
And don’t stray too far at summer’s end. Special film screenings will kick back into gear for Halloween and Christmas.

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  • June 18th, 2019

5 Incredible Scuba Diving Sites Off Grand Cayman

As you plan your vacation to Grand Cayman, consider adding scuba diving to your itinerary. The tropical island paradise features some of the best scuba diving sites in the world, all of which include plenty of colorful fish and other marine creatures. Review these exquisite sites to inspire your travel plans and get seriously excited.

Eden Rock North

This site is a favorite among snorkelers on cruise ships. It is a shallow reef dropping 45 feet into the sea and features tons of gorgeous coral you won’t want to stop taking pictures of. The tarpon in this area is particularly noteworthy, and don’t worry–they will just float along without noticing you at all.

Ironshore Gardens

If dense sea life is a scuba diving must for you, visit Ironshore Gardens. This underwater “garden” located on the east end of Grand Cayman in Frank Sound allows you to wind through a stunning maze of coral walls. You may also see some of the biggest lobsters in this section of clear ocean water.

The Kittiwake

The Kittiwake is a hulking submarine purposefully sunk in 2011 to create an artificial reef. Today the 251-foot-long vessel located about 70 feet below the waves is encrusted with beautiful coral and provides a fascinating scuba adventure so long as you bring a waterproof flashlight. The ship was set up for scuba diving fun, so there’s no need to worry about a single thing. Angelfish and groupers are frequently found here.

Black Forest

While this option is for experienced divers only, it makes virtually any “best of” scuba list for Grand Cayman. The deep wall dive allows you to look out into the great blue beyond while also featuring lots of color-tastic coral and more than a few sponges. Eagle rays also visit this spot often, which again is for seasoned divers alone.

Devil’s Grotto

This dive site is found near Eden Rock and is a true underwater maze. Parrotfish, barracuda, tarpon, and silversides are among the marine life found here, as well as reef sharks. You’ll navigate coral canyons that look even more beautiful under the tropical sun. Many combine Eden Rock with Devil’s Grotto to explore two of Grand Cayman’s most popular scuba spots.

These are just some of the scuba diving locations for you to explore off of the magnificent Grand Cayman. Book your stay on the island today at South Bay Beach Club and ask for scuba diving recommendations–the friendly staff will be happy to help.

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  • June 7th, 2019

3 Golf Courses On Grand Cayman: Which One Will Be Your Favorite?

Grand Cayman offers endless ways to fill itineraries quickly, from deep sea dives to stunning landmarks to local events to hiking, snorkeling and beyond. It also features three lovely golf courses with views so incredible you will always want to tee off in a tropical paradise. Take a moment to learn about these golf courses as you plan the trip of a lifetime. And since there is no need to plan your trip around the weather, it is possible to Golf on Grand Cayman during any month of the year.

North Sound Club

This 18-hole, par 71 course offers mornings and afternoons of fun for beginner and seasoned golfers alike. The five sets of tee boxes engage novices, while the strong and often temperamental Caribbean winds pose challenges to golfers with years of experience. Perhaps the best spot at this popular golf club is Hole 11, which allows you to play into the wind while the awe-inspiring North Sound shines behind you. This sea-framed hole also requires making a cannon shot over the pond so you don’t get saddled with a double bogey.

There’s water on 15 of the 18 holes, iguanas of assorted sizes sunning themselves all over the green, and plenty of native greenery including coconut palms, mahogany trees, and silver thatch. Two putting greens are also found here.

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club

You’ll play nine holes on this Greg Norman-designed golf course that also includes an 80-course indoor golf simulator measuring the impact and the flight pattern of each ball. Like the above golf club, this option offers gorgeous views of the awesome North Sound and features steady wind that makes at least five of the holes a bit challenging. Eight of the nine holes include water to further challenge your golf game. Those who have been to this golf course recommend “tagging along” even if you do not play golf to enjoy the spectacular views.

Britannia Golf Course

Another 18-hole course, Britannia is par 57 and was designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus. Each hole offers a unique challenge, and while this course is not as popular as the other two, it is still affordable and features sea views. There are also plenty of iguanas busy sunning themselves as you shout, “Fore!”

Enjoy golfing among many other fabulous activities on Grand Cayman. Book your stay today by contacting South Bay Beach Club.

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  • May 31st, 2019

The 27th Annual Flowers Sea Swim Is Happening Soon!

Whether you are an active ocean swimmer or simply enjoy watching displays of athleticism, Grand Cayman’s annual Flowers Sea Swim event is for you. Now in its 27th year, the island’s premier sporting event occurs on Saturday, June 15th and includes a 1K race, with 3K and 10K swims happening the following Monday. Participants range in age from 8 to 80, and last year’s race featured over 1,000 swimmers.

One Mile Sea Swim

The clear blue, sparkling, flat waters surrounding the Cayman Islands provide the perfect setting for swim-tastic races. The One Mile Sea Swim race begins at The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman and ends at the Royal Palms Beach Bar; however, starting and end points may be reversed depending on the currents. Check-in is between 12 pm and 1:45 pm, and the race starts at 2 pm. Swimmers of all ages and capabilities participate in this exciting race, including local brothers and Olympics swimmers Shaune and Brett Fraser. A prize of US$10,000 is awarded to the participant who breaks the world record of “fastest ocean swam mile.”

3K & 10K Races

In addition to this exciting one-mile race, Grand Cayman hosts 3K and 10K ocean races on Monday, June 17th. These grueling races include male and female winners who receive thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, including free round-trip airfare from North America to the Flowers Sea Swim, rental cars, and one-week hotel accommodations. Everyone who finishes the race receives a goody bag full of treasures as well as medals. These races are among the world’s richest and include random prize giveaways that have previously included iPads, airline tickets, and hotel stays.

Walk & Watch

If ocean racing isn’t for you but you don’t want to miss the spectacular visuals this race always provides, secure a “Walk & Watch” ticket where you walk along the pristine coastline cheering on your favorite swimmers. Purchasing a ticket also means entry into fabulous prize drawings.

Entry Fees

Entry for the Flower Mile Race is either CI$50 or US$60, while tickets for the Walk & Watch are CI$20 or US$25. Entry for the race is limited to 1,000. Registration for the 3K and 10K races is CI$64 or US$80. All proceeds from these incredible events benefit the Special Olympics Cayman Islands.

If you don’t want to miss a second of the action, book your stay at the South Beach Bay Club today!

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  • May 23rd, 2019

Don’t Miss Friday On The Patio At Royal Palms

Planning a spectacular trip to Grand Cayman and want to enjoy some of the island’s epic nightlife options? Then don’t miss Friday on the Patio at Royal Palms. It happens three times a month, including the 7th, 21st, and 28th in June, and entry is free. This Friday day-to-night party is therefore ideal if free events are on your island to-do list. Learn more about what you can expect at Friday on the Patio as well as other events hosted by Royal Palms.

Live Music & Drink Specials

Start your first (or only!) Grand Cayman weekend off right by heading to the Royal Palms located on West Bay Road. Renowned emcees such as DJ Lin and DJ Jonesian spin some of the island’s best house beats starting at 5 pm, and the music doesn’t stop until 2 am. There’s also plenty of discounted drinks to enjoy as you “feel the beat of the rhythm of the night,” including $6 island cocktails and two for $6 selected wines and beers. Dance to island-style top 40 hits as well as favorite oldies and soca music along a pristine oceanfront.

Friday on the Patio is a night of fun you will not want to miss, especially since the view of Grand Cayman’s clear blue water is all around.

Other Music, Drinks, & Dancing Fun At Royal Palms

This outstanding Friday night event is hardly the only one at Royal Palms. Stop by on a Monday night for Sunset Sessions from 5 pm to 7 pm. There are two-for-one drink specials to enjoy while jamming to sophisticated house beats. Watch the sun melt into the sea as DJ Urusai provides the island’s version of the legendary Ibiza “Cafe Del Mar.”

Visit Royal Palms on Saturday for “Saturday Night Live” from 6:30 pm to 11:45 pm. Performers play live sets on acoustic instruments all night long as you and your favorite people dance under the stars on the ocean-facing patio. If you are looking for something to do on Sunday, the Palms’ “Rehab” event may be ideal. Starting at 3 pm, enjoy fabulous cocktails and other libations for discounted prices either under a private cabana or on the white sands of Seven Mile Beach. Specials include $5 Proseccos, Caesars, Bacardi mojitos, and Bloody Mary’s until 4 pm.

Enjoy these and other island events this summer during your Grand Cayman stay. Book your accommodations at South Beach Bay Club now so you don’t miss any of the action.

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  • May 17th, 2019

5 Must-Try Restaurants On Grand Cayman

Sampling the local fare has to be one of the most wonderful things about visiting any far-off destination, as it provides the opportunity to delight the taste buds in entirely new ways. If you are planning an epic trip to Grand Cayman, you will get the chance to try a variety of island foods the travel destination is known for. And while it may be challenging to decide where to dine, these suggestions make planning your food itinerary a little easier.

Anchor & Den

Stop by Anchor & Den for a locally-sourced meal inspired by favorite comfort foods. Anchor & Den also offers numerous events throughout the month, including its famous Mad Hatter Tea Party, a weekly brunch event complete with Alice in Wonderland-style touches and plenty of bubbly alcoholic goodness.

Ristorante Pappagallo Restaurant

Celebrate all five senses at this magical island restaurant. Walk a wooden bridge to a 30-foot, Cayman-style thatched roof restaurant surrounded by gorgeous views of water and land. Chef Alex Menegon changes the menu regularly, but one thing remains the same: every meal gets cooked with the freshest, most delectable ingredients. Fresh bread and pasta are made daily, and there’s also locally-caught seafood and USDA-certified meats to try. Each dish comes with fresh fruit and vegetables, and remember to save room for the handcrafted desserts!

Sunshine Grill

Enjoy dining at this poolside restaurant that’s one of the top establishments on the Cayman Islands. Award-winning food combined with affordable prices makes this grill a must for anyone craving Caribbean food such as fish tacos or those colorful island cocktails.


Get farm-to-table fare at this restaurant featuring gorgeous coastline views. Vivo is ideal for the vegetarians and vegans in your family, as it features lots of meat, gluten, and dairy-free options. And since lionfish have become an invasive species in this part of the world, the restaurant also serves lionfish dishes to help keep the population contained.

Catch Restaurant & Lounge

Enjoy views of Morgan’s Harbor as you sip cocktails and taste the islands’ freshest seafood at this alfresco dining establishment. Catch Restaurant & Lounge is perfect for the seafood lover who never misses a chance to dine outdoors and features creative dishes such as sliced local tuna with fried avocado and pickled jicama.

Treat your taste buds during your Grand Cayman visit and get more recommendations from the friendly staff at South Beach Bay Club. Book your stay today.

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  • May 9th, 2019

4 Benefits You Can Expect From A Grand Cayman Beach Horse Ride

Experiencing horseback riding for the first time is an adventure you will never forget, as you are saddled on a large yet gentle animal wandering up and down various trails. And while any horseback riding excursion is unforgettable, there is something extra special about riding these incredible beasts on the beach. Throw a location like Grand Cayman in and you’ve got an experience that practically borders on the ethereal. Take a moment to consider what benefits you will enjoy from a Grand Cayman horseback riding adventure on the beach.

Benefit #1: Ridiculously-Beautiful Views

Go horseback riding on a Grand Cayman beach to soak in stunning views of the Caribbean coastline. Canter down pristine beaches while basking in the beauty of your surroundings, whether yours is a morning or sunset ride. Some prefer the fresh beauty of a new day atop a horse, while others want to watch the sun melt into the sea. Either way, it’s incredible.

Benefit #2: A Whole New Way Of “Swimming”

Sure, you’ve gone swimming in Grand Cayman, but how about “swimming” while on the back of a trusty steed? When you go horseback riding on the beach in Grand Cayman, you have the option of a beach and swim ride where your animal goes into the water with you. Horses love water, and the friendly beasts who provide tourists with rides know exactly how to maneuver the gentle waves. Keep in mind such rides are not suitable for any non-swimmers in your group.

Benefit #3: Lots Of Picture-Taking Opportunities

Pack your waterproof camera to take pictures from angles you won’t get anywhere else. Capture beach or beach and swim rides from the back of your horse for images so outstanding your friends back home will be extra jealous.

Benefit #4: A New Animal Acquaintance

Enjoy the chance to make a new animal friend when you go horseback riding on Grand Cayman. Quarter horses, painted stallions, and Arab horses are among the most common four-legged riding companions at stables across Grand Cayman, all of whom are extremely used to tourist rides. Horses are also pack animals who simply follow the leader, so there is no danger of yours running off into the sunset. If anything, you will bond with the animal and may even get a gentle head butt at the end of your ride.

Book a horseback ride during your stay at South Beach Bay Club today!

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  • May 1st, 2019

Experience Grand Cayman’s Batabano Junior Parade!

If you are looking for family-friendly fun during your visit to Grand Cayman, you will not be stretched for ideas. In addition to the numerous attractions and activities perfect for the whole family on this lush island paradise, there are also lots of events throughout the year that provide experiences you and yours will remember always. The Batabano Junior Parade on Saturday, May 11th, 2019 is one such event promising thrills for every member of your brood.

What It Is

The Batabano Junior Parade was created in 2002 as a way to celebrate the island’s youth. The highly-colorful parade has transpired each May since to help young island residents and tourists embrace how wonderful and special they are. The parade starts at the Glass House, or Old Government Administrative Building, in Grand Cayman’s George Town and ends at the Old Tower Building.

What It Includes

In addition to the dizzying parade of colorful characters dancing through the streets, this exceptional festival offers plenty of family fun before and after the parade, including face painting, snow cones, and mask decorating.

When It Happens

The Batabano Junior Parade happens Saturday, May 11th at 3pm at the Glass House and Old Tower Building. Family activities start at 1pm and continue after the parade until 6pm. Don’t miss it! Give your children the chance to play mas, or masquerade!

The Adult Batabano Parade…

If your Grand Cayman trip is at the end of April, you will be in time for Cayman Carnival Batabano, the adult version of the junior parade. It is the only national carnival in Grand Cayman and happens Saturday, May 4th at 1pm starting from Public Beach. The stunning parade ends at Harbour Drive, which is located near the gorgeous Seven Mile Beach. This annual event features a whopping six genres of music as well as a yearly food festival including some of the island’s best and most famous cuisine.

A Few Festival Tips

Bring plenty of water to this festival so neither you or your family gets dehydrated under the tropical sun. Carry sunscreen as well, and dress everyone in hats and sunglasses so none of you are severely burned by the end of the day. Ensure everyone has proper ID and knows where to go in the event of a separation, such as a location in the middle of town.

Book your Grand Cayman stay at South Bay Beach Club to get the most from your glorious island experience.

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  • April 24th, 2019

Experience A Mad Tea Party On Grand Cayman!

If you are a fan of afternoon tea or want to start drinking the classic beverage on a regular basis, use your upcoming trip to Grand Cayman to experience a tea party like no other. Inspired by the tea party thrown by the Mad Hatter in the timeless tale of Alice In Wonderland, this Grand Cayman event at the Anchor & Den happens every Saturday afternoon in May from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. Take a moment to learn about A Mad Tea Party and add it to your Grand Cayman itinerary.

“Decadent, Sweet, & Beautiful”

Described by the folks at Anchor & Den as a “decadent, sweet, and beautiful” tea party, this signature event features creative blends crafted by the masters at Tea Time. These blends accompany tea classics as well as plenty of cakes and other confections that dazzle the eyes as well as the taste buds. There’s even “Drink Me” potions just like the ones in Lewis Carroll’s story…well, maybe not quite like the concoctions Alice drinks, but they are extremely fun to try. These potions change by week so if you attend the event more than once, you will not taste the same recipes!

If you like a little fizzy alcohol with your tea cakes, Anchor & Den has you covered. Glittering champagne flutes pepper the tables and look extra tantalizing amidst lush roses and beautiful cakes.

A Few Important Details

If your Grand Cayman trip will take place in a few weeks, secure your reservations for this luxurious event now. Reservations are required, with the event costing $40 per person per party. Don’t wait another minute if this event is for you; book today to get the date you want.

Other Weekly Events

Anchor & Den puts on a variety of weekly events that keep tourists and locals coming back. In addition to the Mad Tea Party, the island favorite offers events such as their Boulangerie Brunch, a stylish, gourmet happening featuring homemade versions of brunch staples, as well as regional cheeses, charcuterie, and bread. All of the delicious deli specialties come with bottomless champagne.

Apothecary is another weekly event happening at the establishment’s Beach House mere steps away. Follow the White Rabbit to this house for tea or experience the Apothecary event featuring magical infusions. Mixologists work with dehydrated fruits, homemade syrups, and infused waters to create libations you won’t soon forget.

Make your Grand Cayman adventure even more memorable by booking accommodations with South Beach Bay Club, the luxurious resort featuring fully-equipped villas.

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  • April 17th, 2019

Going Kayaking For The First Time? Read This First

Whether you are a longtime fan of water activities or simply want to try something new, kayaking around Grand Cayman offers an experience you will remember always. Like any water sport or activity, there are a few things you need to know before you start paddling so you can enjoy a fun and safe experience instead of finding yourself going overboard. Use these tips to give yourself an extra edge before going kayaking for the first time:

Dress For The Water

The weather may be gorgeous on Grand Cayman most days of the year, but it still important to dress for the water instead of the weather. It is always a little colder on the water, even if you are in the Cayman Islands and not a river in the New England section of the U.S. Wear a wetsuit if you think it is appropriate, or at least board shorts and a rash guard. This, of course, is in addition to your lifejacket, which is an absolute must any time you engage in a water sport or similar activity.

Sit Up Straight

Proper posture is a kayaking necessity for easier paddling. Whether your kayak features a backrest or not, sit up straight so your lower back and behind are at a comfortable 90 degree angle to each other. Rest your feet in the kayak’s footpegs with your knees slightly bent outward so they make more contact with the thigh braces, if applicable. If your kayak is of the sit-in rather than sit-on variety, it will not include these braces.

Give Yourself A Brief Paddling Lesson

A working idea of how to paddle makes getting on the water much less complicated. To practice, sit in a chair holding a broom handle or hockey stick and imagine yourself on the water. Paddle from side to side and get a professional lesson if you need additional help.

Bring Extra Clothes

Bring extra clothes in the event of your kayak capsizing, and remember your safety and that of your fellow kayakers is more important than the small boats, especially in rougher water. Pay close attention to your instructor’s capsize drill and ask questions about anything you are unsure about. And remember, you are going to get wet even if you don’t capsize, so the extra clothes will be welcome once your kayaking adventure is over.

Discover kayaking and other fun Grand Cayman activities at South Beach Bay Club today.

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  • April 11th, 2019

5 Unique Cayman Island Attractions You Cannot Miss

Grand Cayman is filled with ways to spend your days. If you recently booked a trip to this island paradise, ensure your excursion is truly unforgettable by adding any (or all) of these unique attractions to your itinerary. Don’t forget to pack your camera along with some disposable back-ups so you have plenty of opportunities to snap amazing photos.

Stingray City

Ever wanted to kiss a stingray? Even if the answer is a resounding no, Stingray City just might be the most incredible aquarium touch pool on the planet. Situate yourself on a sandbar in the shallow, beautifully-blue water while southern stingrays wander up to feed. Don’t worry, they aren’t interested in feeding on you, and they are so used to humans that you can easily pet them.


Yes, you read that correctly. Visit Grand Cayman and “go to hell,” or the limestone formations in West Bay that could be mistaken for the fifth circle of that fiery place. Complete with a devil statue and a kitschy gift shop, it’s easy to spend a few hours in Hell. There’s even a post office so you can send postcards from the underworld. Keep in mind that Hell gets very hot (no pun intended) in the summer.

Siren Of Sunset Reef

Amphitrite, the underwater mermaid statue known as the Siren of Sunset Reef, is a 9-foot bronze wonder found 55 feet below the waves in a coral reef near the Sunset House Hotel. The sculpture by Simon Morris satisfies any mermaid fascination and is perfect if you desire a diving adventure as part of your Grand Cayman experience.

Wreck Of The Teignmouth Electron

Left to disintegrate on the beach of Cayman Brac is the Teignmouth Electron, a 40-foot vessel found adrift in the Atlantic Ocean in 1969. Donald Crowhurst, the ship’s builder and captain, was never found. Adding to his mysterious disappearance are his erratic log entries that have some speculating he jumped overboard. And while the ship had several owners after Crowhurst, it was eventually left to rot. If you love abandoned ships, this site is for you.

Davinoff’s Concrete Sculpture Garden

Old Man Bay in Grand Cayman features Davinoff’s Concrete Sculpture Garden, a stunning concrete garden masterpiece featuring an assortment of island and sea creatures, some of which are native exclusively to the Cayman Islands. The concrete blue iguana is one such creature, and that’s in addition to a giant octopus and crab among others.

Book your Grand Cayman stay at South Bay Beach Club to enjoy these and endless other unique attractions!

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  • April 3rd, 2019