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Culture At The Cinema Presents Hamlet

On Saturday, April 21, Culture at the Cinema presents Hamlet at Regal Cinema in Camana Bay. Part of a monthly series that is a favorite on Grand Cayman, this event is a filmed, live presentation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet that will run on a movie screen.

Culture at the Cinema brings internationally renowned stage shows to the Cayman Islands with theater and ballet productions that are recorded around the world and then show to audiences at Regal Cinema. These shows give residents and visitors a chance to experience the theater within a beloved, local and intimate setting. A full bar, family friendly drinks, menu and snack offerings accompanies each theatrical production screening.

The April 2018, the Culture at the Cinema showing of Hamlet begins at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m. In the National Theatre Live performance that originally ran in 2015, Academy Award® nominee Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC’s The Imitation Game, Sherlock) assumed the title role. This version of Hamlet has been viewed by more than 700,000 people around the world and it returns to cinemas this year to reach an even broader audience.

As a country prepares for war and arms itself, a family destroys itself. Hamlet is forced to avenge his father’s death, but the task he must complete paralyzes him. The impossibility of his predicament swells rage inside that threatens his sanity and his country’s security. Lyndsey Turner (Chimerica, Posh) directed this production of Hamlet and Sonia Friedman Productions produced it.

Tickets to see Hamlet at Regal Cinemas are CI$40 for adults (includes a free glass of champagne). Due to licensing restrictions, Saturday events at Regal Cinema are 18+ only. Bring a date or come along to see a heralded performance in a luxurious seat. Culture at the Cinema is a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend an evening in the Cayman Islands.

Additional Culture at the Cinema Screening at Regal Cinema:

May 19th, 2018 – Julius Caesar (Doors open at 7 p.m., 8 p.m. start time)

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare – Broadcasted live from London, Culture at the Cinema presents Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, at Regal Cinema. This version of a world-famous theatrical production stars Ben Whishaw (Hamlet, Skyfall, The Danish Girl) and Michelle Fairley as Brutus and Cassius. David Morrissey (The Walking Dead, The Missing, Hangman) is Mark Antony and David Calder (The Hatton Garden Job, The Lost City of Z) is Caesar.

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  • April 19th, 2018

Wednesday Farmers & Artisans Market In Camana Bay

Stop by the Farmers & Artisans Market in Camana Bay every Wednesday and pick up fresh-picked produce, homemade artisanal foods, local handicrafts and more. This weekly farmers and artisans market is a showcase for delightful things grown and made on Grand Cayman.

Each week, Camana Bay’s shopkeepers and restaurant owners join roughly 40 growers and specialty products purveyors. The offerings at this celebration of local culture and goods includes seasonal fruits and vegetables, gifts, gourmet foods, skincare, jewelry, flowers, teas and coffees, seasonings, jams and more.

The Camana Bay Farmers & Artisans Market opens at 3 p.m. and features live entertainment throughout the course of the event. Musicians and artists come to provide their talents in real-time, demonstrating the creative spirit of the people of Grand Cayman. Enjoy watching crafters and artists show off their skills in weaving, conch blowing, rope making and more.

About Camana Bay

Beautiful Camana Bay is the setting for our community’s weekly Farmers and Artisans Market. Camana Bay is a lively waterfront gathering place where children play in fountains, families linger on lawns and everyone relishes in leisurely island life.

This master-planned community features 675 acres from sea to sound, with many spots to relax, explore and be inspired. Camana Bay is a mixed-use community that promotes walking, connecting and living sustainably in diversity.

Visit Camana Bay and enjoy its thoughtful and beautiful design. This area on Grand Cayman is a favorite with residents and tourists alike, and it features many other events throughout the week along with annual events for major holidays.

Getting to Camana Bay

On Foot

You can get to Camana Bay easily from the strip on Seven Mile Beach. Just follow the footpath signs set all along West Bay Road. They’ll guide you up onto The Rise, which is a pedestrian walkway, and over to The Paseo in Camana Bay’s Town Centre.

By Car

It’s easy to get to Camana Bay by car from West Bay and George Town.

By Boat

Anyone taking their own boat to Camana Bay can reach the community by plugging in the following coordinates, which direct water travelers to the main channel entrance:

Latitude: 19.323510 Longitude: -81.367715
Coordinates for the Camana Bay Harbour:
Latitude: 19.321573 Longitude: -81.376449

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  • April 14th, 2018

Community Chess In Camana Bay

Every Tuesday during April, West Indies Wine Company will host Community Chess in Camana Bay. This fun gathering for Grand Cayman residents and visitors alike takes place from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and is free to attend.

Learn to play chess and join in weekly open challenges. Anyone can come for an introduction to the game, and to brush up on their skills or show off their talent.

About Camana Bay

In addition to weekly chess, Camana Bay on Grand Cayman offers other fun events for all ages. Camana Bay is a lively waterfront town on Grand Cayman where locals and tourists come to dine, shop, attend a weekly Farmers & Artisans market, hear live music and simply enjoy the laid-back Caribbean lifestyle.

Spend time relaxing on a swinging hammock, watch kids splashing and playing in fountains, climb a 75-foot Observation Tower and more – just steps from famous Seven Mile Beach. Camana Bay offers waterfront lawns that are perfect for lingering and it features many places to be inspired by nature.

This master-planned community is comprised of more than 675 acres spanning from sea to sound. Explore, exercise, connect and enjoy the diversity of Grand Cayman at Camana Bay, a mixed-used gathering space for fun, sun and more.

There are upwards of 600 yearly events that take place at Camana Bay. The venue houses Grand Cayman’s only movie theatre and it serves as a town center for those who want to play, discover and unwind. Dance under the stars and live music events, attend an annual New Year’s Eve party and enjoy many other great things to do in Camana Bay.

Directions to Camana Bay

By Foot

You can get to Camana Bay easily by foot from Seven Mile Beach. Just follow the footpath signs that are located all along West Bay Road. These markers will guide you up to The Rise (a pedestrian walkway) and over it, and then you’ll be heading right to The Paseo in Camana Bay’s Town Centre.

By Car

Camana Bay is easily accessible by car from George Town and West Bay.

By Boat

If you’re cruising your own boat to Camana Bay, plug the following coordinates in for the Camana Bay channel entrance:

Latitude: 19.323510 Longitude: -81.367715
Coordinates for the Camana Bay Harbour:
Latitude: 19.321573 Longitude: -81.376449

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  • April 7th, 2018

Attend Kaibo Kite Fest On Grand Cayman

Buy a kite before or at this year’s Kaibo Kite Fest on Grand Cayman, just make sure you have one because you’re in for a high-flying good time at a fun Caribbean tradition. Kaibo Beach on Grand Cayman is again the site for Kaibo Kite Fest, a joy-filled festival for awe seekers of all ages. This grand celebration of kites features opportunities to fly home-made or professionally constructed kites, and enter a competition to possibly be awarded “best flyer.”

There will be dancing in the sand to music from Bona Fide, a local band who is scheduled to perform unplugged from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Paddle boarding, kayaking and more await those who make their way to beautiful Kaibo Beach on Monday, April 2, 2018.

About Kaibo Kite Fest

Kaibo Kite Fest is part of Kaibo Beach community organizers’ vision to bring Caymanian culture to residents and tourists. The kite festival is an unofficial welcome of the summer season and it takes place when the wind is absolutely perfect for kite flying. The festival happens to take place over Easter break this year, which means many Cayman visitors on vacation have the opportunity to come and enjoy a prized Grand Cayman location.

Grand Cayman’s breezy shoreline will offer so plenty of beauty and lush landscape to be enjoyed. This Kite Fest is a way to showcase how lovely our island beaches are for kids, families and any type of resident or tourist. The event is free and it’s environmentally friendly, as there isn’t need for much except people, kites, wind and music.

Competition entrants have the chance to win prizes from local companies, such as a Digicel smartphone or a Cayman Airways flight. Registration for the various contests begins at 1 p.m. Before or after Kaibo Kite Fest, Kaibo Beach is a perfect place to spend the day with a picnic or just enjoying the company of friends and family.


● Date – April 2, 2018
● Time – 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
● Dance in the sand to local music from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.
● Bring your own kite if you can because the kite shop has limited supply
● The Sweet Spot will provide paddle boarding and kayaking entertainment
● Kite competition registration is $5 (charity donation)
● Kaibo Kite Fest proceeds go to Charity Cayman’s ARK
● Win prizes like a Digicel smartphone or Cayman Airways flight

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  • April 1st, 2018

50K Marathon

For many, a visit to the Cayman Islands means a chance to push back from the rigors and demands of everyday life and relax. With its legendary tropical climate, placid, azure-blue waters and stunning beaches, it’s certainly no wonder.

However, not all people think alike. A few brave souls look at this paradise of sun and sand and think, wow, what a great place to put myself through the most grueling physical test of my life. If you are one of these special types, then read on.

Time to Go Off-the-Beaten Track
The 9th annual Off The Beaten Track ultra-marathon is being held on Sunday, Feb. 25, beginning at 5 a.m. Consequently, if warm, tropical breezes and intense racing speak to you, now is the time to act fast and make your reservations to get to the Cayman Islands for this one-of-a-kind event.

This innovative race is an excellent challenge for both first-time and veteran racers, as well as those who have entered this very event in the past. That is because the race course changes substantially from year to year, winding over sandy beaches, back roads and tropical bush. What’s more, the exact race course is kept secret until one week before the event, after which it is key for entrants to study it ahead of time to be aware of its impending challenges.

This event is styled after Morrocco’s Marathon des Sables, a 156-mile run over six days across that country’s hot sands, and allows entrants to compete individually or as part of a six-member team.

More than just a race, Off The Beaten Track also benefits the individual charity each of its six corporate sponsors choose to represent, as well as Facing Africa, an organization that sends surgeons and medical supplies to Sub-Saharan Africa to help treat facial deformities in children there.

Let South Bay Beach Club Take the Heat Off
Since you will be focused on your pre-race rituals, race-day challenges and post-race celebration, let South Bay Beach Club handle everything else. We are known as the premier luxury destination in the Caymans, so why not treat yourself to the best? We’ll make sure your room is clean, fresh and super-comfortable so you can focus on the work, and fun, at hand. Then, we’ll also make sure you don’t miss any of the great sightseeing and dining options after your work is done.

So contact us here at South Bay Beach Club and make your commitment to the race and your own relaxation afterwards.

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  • March 28th, 2018


As we all know, art comes in many shapes and forms, and only a select few pieces make it to the museums and galleries across the globe. Still, there is art everywhere, and usually the best creations come from the streets—and sometimes the beaches—of communities all over the world.

Here in the Cayman Islands, we take our art seriously, but we also like to have fun with it. That is why our annual Chalkfest celebration has become such a hit.

Chalk This Up to Art
This year’s Chalkfest, to be held Saturday, March 31st, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Camana Bay, marks the 14th year of this very popular event. Artists of all ages, styles and abilities are invited to leave their easels, paints and brushes at home and trade them all in for free chalk and the slab of pavement of their choice to simply make art.

Nonetheless, there will be first-, second- and third-place prizes for the best individual and group art works in a number of age categories, including those under 5 years of age, 5 to 7 years old, 8 to 10 years old, 11 and 12 years of age, 13 to 18 years old, and adults 19 years of age and older. Only one entry per category is permitted. Participating artists are encouraged to bring sponges, rags and buckets to help creative types make the most of their chalk work.

If you are interested, you can register on the day of the event. Fees are about $12.00 for adults and $4 for children, depending on the exact exchange rate at the time. It’s all for a good cause, though, as proceeds go toward the Cayman Islands’ National Gallery Outreach Programmes.

In addition to all the creating, there will be multitudes of Easter-themed treats and games available to participants, as well as an artisanal market, face painting, music, balloon animals and a story reading sponsored by Books & Books.

Make South Bay Beach Club Your Artists’ Lair
The Caymans’ premier luxury resort can be your home away from home any time you visit our beautiful islands. Not only do we offer the greatest lodging and amenities, but we’ll make sure you know about every event and can’t-miss attraction during your stay.

So get ready to call on your creative juices and contact us here at South Bay Beach Club so you can take part in all the fun.

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  • March 20th, 2018

Coco Fest

While coconuts may be best known for their contributions to sweet treats around the world, the truth is, this amazing fruit can be used for so much more. In fact, for centuries, it has been used for things as diverse as a source of nutrition, cosmetics, a remedy for ailments and even fuel.

Here in the Cayman Islands, however, we stay focused on just a couple of those uses at our annual Coco Fest on Saturday, Feb. 17.

Nuts for These Fruits
Now in its third year, Coco Fest celebrates all things coconut, from foods of all kinds to games, crafts, beauty products and even music. Naturally, the big hit is the variety of food in which this versatile fruit appears, and visitors will have endless choices, from coconut rundown and coconut calamari to ice creams, pies, kombucha, heavenly cakes, tarts, marshmallows and many others.

There will also be competition, the newest of which is the inaugural Coconut Cake Competition. So if you think your secret recipe should be considered among the best, bring it on in and let the people decide.

In addition, the award-winning documentary Bright Spot will be reshown from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., and the Visual Arts Society will be sponsoring the ever-popular Kids Coconut Corner.

Coco Fest is more than just fun, though, as it helps raise funds for the NCVO’s Children’s Foster Home. So come indulge and help your friends in need at the same time.

But Stay at a Place That Has Not Gone Coconuts
Perhaps the greatest charm of the Cayman Islands is that it offers unparalleled tropical beauty, peace and warmth, both literal and figurative, while at the same time offering so many historical escapes and downright nutty, carefree fun. After all, it is in the DNA of the friendly, imaginative people who call the Caymans home. Similarly, perhaps the greatest charm of South Bay Beach Club is that we make sure you don’t miss a beat of the great sightseeing and dining options here, as well the reverence that always seems to punctuate our celebrations. At the same time, we offer luxurious rooms and treatments that cannot be matched anywhere in the Caymans. From our rooms and spas to the pools and private areas, South Bay Beach Club is the place for the most discerning travelers.

However, if you are looking for a nutty way to express yourself and enjoy quiet luxury, contact us now and prepare to go nuts.

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  • March 10th, 2018

Light Up The Night Breast Cancer Walk

While there are endless activities to do in the Cayman Islands, spending time on the beach may be the most popular. Still, most people head home once the sun sets and miss out on the peace and beauty afforded those who take a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge on Seven Mile Beach in the dark of night.

However, for at least one evening per year, the nighttime beaches come alive to carry the torch for breast cancer. This year, the Light Up the Night Breast Cancer Walk takes place on March 3.

Enjoy Your Vacation and Light Up the Night
Now in its eighth year, the Light Up the Night Breast Cancer Walk helps raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation. The event is more popular than ever, as Caymanians embrace the opportunity to help others and share their love. You can join them in their good deed while meeting locals and having a great time. In addition, if you are one of the first 100 people to register, you will receive an official glow-in-the-dark T-shirt to commemorate your participation in this eminently worthwhile event. So what’s not to love about spending a Saturday evening walking for this great cause?

Let South Bay Beach Club Make Your Stay a Breeze
If you are contemplating making a visit at that time to take part in the Breast Cancer Walk, consider making South Bay Beach Club your home away from home. As the premier luxury, family-friendly resort in the Caymans, we will make sure you are in comfort throughout your stay and that you take part in all the great events taking place here, and visit all the must-see destinations and go-to restaurants.

If you live in the Caymans or are already here, you can register at the Remax office on Grand Cayman Island. Tickets are about $21, depending on the exchange rate at the time of your registration, and children under 12 can attend for free. For those living abroad, visit for more information. Naturally, you will be able to register on the evening of the event as well.
Simply contact us here at South Bay Beach Club so we can help you not only schedule your blissful vacation in paradise, but also do a good deed at the same time. We’ll do all the heavy lifting. Don’t delay, however, because time is running out.

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  • March 1st, 2018

The Taste Of Cayman Food & Drink Festival

So much of the world comes to the Cayman Islands to take a break from their everyday grind and enjoy the good life here with a slower pace and friendly smiles that help melt away the stress they live with in their daily lives. Such a high percentage of these visitors then return again and again after they come to realize that this breathtaking group of islands is so much more than tropical splendor, white-sand beaches and azure-blue waters.

In fact, the Caymans offer endless stories of history and special events to keep people coming back for something new. One such event is our annual Taste of Cayman Food & Drink festival, and there is still a window of opportunity for you to experience this year’s piece of foodie heaven.

Our Little Event is All Grown Up
It may have had humble beginnings, but the Taste of Cayman is now the islands’ largest culinary celebration and one of tremendous depth and sophistication as it prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary on Jan. 27. Held at Festival Green in Camana Bay, this year’s event promises participation from more than 45 restaurants and 5,000 attendees who will enjoy about 18,000 portions of food.

In addition, there will be competitions and classes to keep everyone absolutely rapt in between meals. And, the event is proudly family-friendly, meaning everyone from the most serious adult diners to kids of all ages will find flavors and fun to occupy their minds and palates.

A Fair with Endless Fare
Taste of Cayman offers something for everyone. From street food to gourmet masterpieces and decadent desserts to the cutting-edge cocktails of the moment, there will be something for every gourmet and gourmand, no matter your taste buds or appetite.

You can contact us here at South Bay Beach Club for information about tickets and how to purchase them. General admission is $45.00 and includes 12 food and drink tokens. VIP tickets are $150.00 and include 25 food and drink tokens, complimentary welcome drinks and canapes, a private cash bar, one experience voucher and express festival entry. Children’s tickets are $20.00, and little ones under five get in free.

Does all this food talk have you intrigued? Well get online or give us a call at South Bay Beach Club to secure a room so you can enjoy a taste of delight in the slice of paradise we call Grand Cayman Island. Then, you can keep up with the updates on the Taste of Cayman Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages so you do not miss a beat before you arrive.

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  • February 27th, 2018

The Cayman Islands Orchid Show – February

When people talk of the tropical beauty of the Cayman Islands, they typically think of the white-sand beaches, pristine Caribbean waters and verdant palm trees and landscape that this stunning island nation offers. The Caymans, however, as they prove over and over again, offer so much more. This is perhaps never more obvious than when the Caymans host their annual Orchid Show, which celebrates the breathtakingly beautiful, mysterious, delicate plant that has inspired untold artists and storytellers.

When and Where
Held on Feb. 24 and 25 at Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden in the district of North Side on Frank Sound Road, the exhibition will showcase the most beautiful locally grown orchids and host a plant sale of specially imported orchids, most of which will be in bloom. More than that, though, this event also promotes the conservation of Cayman’s native orchids, as well as educating visitors about the most effective ways to grow orchids. In addition, proceeds from the show will go toward establishing an orchid garden in the Botanic Park. The show is the Botanic Park’s major fundraising event, and thus it attracts floral enthusiasts from throughout the country.

It all started in 2008, when the Botanic Park was invited to design an entry for London’s prestigious Chelsea Flower Show and won the silver medal. The following year, the park’s entry won the gold, as well as the President’s Most Creative Award.

About the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden
The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden opened in 1994 when the queen herself led a ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate this momentous occasion in Caymans history. Though the park’s Woodland Trail was the only attraction complete at the time, over the years, it has evolved and become the world-class facility that it is today.

Regardless of what time of year you visit Grand Cayman Island, you can enjoy a visit to the Botanic Garden any time. Whether you take a leisurely walk through the colorful gardens or botanic, lake and nature displays, you will never forget the beauty you find there. Visit the Tea House and marvel at its spectacular views, then stop by the Heritage Garden. After that, stop by the lake area and check out the natural habitats for the Cayman blue iguana and breeding grounds for the rare aquatic birds and animals that call the Caymans home.

So if you want to experience the Caymans and the beauty of our orchids, contact us here at South Bay Beach Club and book a room so you can enjoy the show while spending your down time in luxury.

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  • February 15th, 2018

Red Sky At Night At Cayfest

It is true, and perhaps unavoidable, that so many visitors to the Cayman Islands see it solely as a tropical paradise where the good life can be enjoyed. While this is certainly true and something of which Caymanians are proud, it also overlooks the depth and breadth of offerings this island nation boasts. The reality, as our repeat visitors know, is that this is also a land of great history, rich culinary traditions and stimulating cultural offerings.

Perhaps no annual celebration here symbolizes this truism more than Cayfest. The Caymans’ National Festival of the Arts is the islands’ finest showcase of local artworks, and Red Sky at Night, a multi-disciplined, multicultural arts fair, is perhaps its anchor.

Luckily for you, there is still plenty of time to book your trip here so you can enjoy the sand, surf, sun and arts. In addition, South Bay Beach Club is here to host you, offering not only a luxurious place to lay your head at night, but also a source of information about the event and island to guide you during your stay.

Who, What and Where
Scheduled for Feb. 24, Red Sky at Night features a variety of live dancing, musical and dramatic performances along with displays of visual arts and crafts and films. The event will be held on the Harquail Cultural Centre Grounds in George Town from 4 p.m. to midnight. It will also offer visitors the chance to enjoy many mouthwatering culinary treats while listening to the signature Caribbean sounds of steel pans, fiddles and drums during the live performances and featured art.

About Cayfest
This national festival begins with the National Arts and Culture Awards the previous week. This ceremony celebrates those who have excelled in the arts or contributed to the artistic and cultural heritage of the Cayman Islands. Then, just a day before all of the Caymans and its visitors gather for Red Sky at Night, the island hosts Dress for Culture Day. Now in its fifth year, this event pays homage to the incredible diversity of nationalities that make up the rich mixture of the Caymans’ population. Individuals dress up to celebrate the approximately 135 different ethnicities that are part of the Caymans’ stew to show their respect for and tolerance of people of all races. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students.

So add a little culture to your tropical adventure. Contact us here at South Bay Beach Club and let us worry about the details.

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  • February 8th, 2018

February, The Perfect Caymans Month For The Active Traveler

So many of our visitors to the Cayman Islands come here to enjoy the tropical splendor, peaceful pace of life and outstanding, endless array of watersports the islands offer. Regardless of when you visit, you will find the easiest access to the best snorkeling, diving, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and all other sea-related activities at your disposal.

For those amateur and professional athlete-travelers who want all of that and even more, February is your month. Not only are the temperatures and weather patterns particularly agreeable, but the list of activities and competitions you can indulge in are endless.

Read on for a rundown of some of the best the Cayman offers in February.

Feb. 4: The Cross Island Relay
Get your corporate or personal team together and get ready to traverse Grand Cayman for a cause.

Feb. 9: Legends Tennis
Join legendary former professional tennis players Jimmy Connors, Pat Cash and Stefan Edberg, current U.S. Open Champion Sloane Stephens and the world’s top-ranked junior, 17-year-old Phenom Claire Liu in a breathtakingly beautiful setting for an unforgettable day of tennis lessons with the stars.

Feb. 10: Valentine’s 5K Fun Walk/Run
Run or walk for a cause to help benefit the Mothers’ Union of St. George Anglican Church.

Feb. 11: Mercury man Triathlon
Calling all professional triathletes! Test your mettle in one of the most picturesque triathlon settings in the world featuring a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and 13.1-mile run.

Feb. 11: Valentine’s Mile
For those whose exercise goals are a bit more modest, this race is a great way to wake up and get your blood flowing while helping raise funds for the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre.

Feb. 18: Brain Tumor Foundation Charity 5K Walk/Run
Start and end your run at the breathtaking Heroes Square in George Town and help a great cause.

Feb. 18: 36th Annual Kiwanis Bike
Pedal it for 20 miles and help the charity of your choice.

Feb. 24: Guiding the Way 5K and 10K Walk/Run
Choose your distance and keep it moving to benefit Girlguiding Cayman Islands.

Feb. 25: Off the Beaten Track
This one’s for the super-athletes who can endure a 50K ultra-marathon. The good news is that you will be able to relax in tropical splendor after completing this grueling race.

So don’t delay, active-minded souls. Contact us here at South Bay Beach Club and book a room. Then put those running shoes on and get to work. We’ll be waiting for you.

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  • February 1st, 2018

Cayman Cookout – January 2018

You might think you have to choose between a vacation that focuses on beautiful weather or one that caters to your love of a sophisticated lifestyle. However, you would be wrong.

In reality, you really can have it all. Just contact us here at South Bay Beach Club and arrange to visit the Cayman Islands in January. Trust us, you will be dining on endless world-class fare surrounded by endlessly world-class tropical beauty. Specifically, Grand Cayman Island will be the culinary epicenter of the Caribbean and beyond from Jan. 10 to 14, when The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman hosts the 10th-annual Cayman Cookout.

Imagine enjoying food and beverages created by internationally acclaimed, world-class chefs, wine and spirits experts and culinary celebrities all presented against a relaxed Caribbean backdrop of fun and barefoot elegance. Every year, the Caymans sponsor this amazing celebration, offering guests the chance to enjoy an endless variety of cooking demonstrations, tastings, dinners, pairings, tours and once-in-a-lifetime epicurean experiences, with Grand Cayman’s stunning Seven Mile Beach as the setting.

The event is hosted by superstar chefs and television personalities Eric Ripert, Anthony Bourdain and José Andrés. Read on for a full rundown of this year’s event.

The Adventures of Eric & Tony, with Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain
Enjoy an international culinary tour led by the two world-renowned chefs and friends.

Olé José by Chef José Andrés
Learn the secrets or making paella and entertaining from the master of both.

Essential BAM!!! with Emeril Lagasse
Kick it up a notch with the maestro of New Orleans Cajun cuisine.

Around The World with Anthony Bourdain
Take a food tour of the Caymans and world with the globe’s most traveled chef and culinary personality.

Barefoot Barbecue
This year’s celebrity chefs grill it up and dish it out on the sand, under the stars.

The Beach Bash
Take a catamaran tour and end it all with a Caymans grilled food experience.

Bon Vivant Cook-off Brunch
Judges Ripert, Bourdain and Andrés rate the entrants while you taste their creations and enjoy endless Moët & Chandon Champagne.

Eric Ripert Rum and Robusto
The chefs compete in the French bowling game Pétanque while you enjoy world-class food.

A Grand Finale Evening with Eric Ripert and the Chefs of Cayman Cookout
It’s a grand finale with an unforgettable menu of treats.

The stunning breadth and depth of culinary talent assembled here is overwhelming, but it is also accessible to you with a simple click or call. Oh, and you can get a tan while you are enjoying all this epicurean wizardry. So what’s the delay? Book your trip now.

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  • December 29th, 2017

New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Most people have preconceived notions about the “proper” way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Whether it’s jamming into a city or town square to share the moment with hordes of other people, paying oodles of money to get into a bar or restaurant, or clinking glasses at midnight at home with family or friends, everyone has a vision of what the holiday should be.

However, imagine if you were free from those programmed beliefs. What if you could make New Year’s Eve whatever you’d like, even if that means celebrating it in tropical splendor?

Well, you can, and if you do, there is no better place to ring in the new year than the spectacular, friendly, fun Cayman Islands. In addition, we here at South Bay Beach Club are here to ensure your stay is relaxing and fun and that you are celebrating in all the right places.

About the Caymans at Year’s End
Since many people in the Northern Hemisphere live in places where it is frigid, or at least colder, during the holidays they cannot imagine being in a warm place at this time of year. However, for many people in the world, especially those in the beautiful Caribbean, warm tropical weather all year round is the norm. Such is the case in the Caymans. In fact, the highest average monthly temperatures occur in August, when they reach a high of 91 and low of 79 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. The coolest occur in December, yet they fall only to 84 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively.

That’s not all though, as you will find a group of islands rich with stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, world-class water sports, great food and rich history.

Our New Year’s Eve Celebration
Speaking of history, the Dec. 31 party here is legendary and one you will not want to miss. It is certainly one that families here never fail to celebrate with great zeal and generosity.

Most Caymans residents head to the bayside entertainment and retail complex Camana Bay in the evening, where a live DJ makes music alongside live dancing, eating and drinking at local restaurants and clubs, and general fun until midnight. You can experience the fireworks from your vantage point here or get a bird’s-eye view on Seven Mile Beach, considered by some the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean.

So what are you waiting for? Go online or pick up the phone and contact us here at South Bay Beach Club so we can make your dream celebration real.

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  • December 22nd, 2017

Christmas In Cayman

As with many holidays, people can’t imagine not being at home or in a familiar place. Such is even more the case during the Christmas holidays, as so many people equate this celebration with cold weather and snow.

You may be surprised to know, however, that Christmas in the Caymans is a very traditional holiday, and if you go, you’ll see many of the same tell-tale signs of the season. You will also see snow-white beaches, azure-blue waters, stunning flora and fauna, beautiful sea life and inviting palm trees.

At the same time, all of this will be presented against a backdrop of daytime temperatures in the mid-80s and lows in the 70s. In addition, there are world-class resorts like South Bay Beach Club waiting to make your Christmas landing a very soft, extremely comfortable one.

‘Tis Really a Season
The season’s celebratory events last more than a month in the Caymans, starting with the 40-foot-tall Christmas tree lighting on Nov. 17. That is followed by the singing Christmas tree celebration on Nov. 25 and 26 and the Parade of Lights on Dec. 2, which is comprised of dozens of decorated boats sailing into Camana Bay. While those have already passed, here is a rundown of Cayman yuletide events still to come:

Throughout December
The celebrations never really stop, as recurring events such as Santa sightings, carol singing and moonlight movies are ongoing. On Dec. 10, you can melt away a few of the holiday pounds at the 5K and 10K Jingle Bell Run. On the 17th, kids of all ages take part in a gingerbread house workshop.

Christmas Eve
It has become a tradition to spend Christmas Eve watching the film version of the Bolshoi Ballet’s The Nutcracker on a big screen overlooking stunning Camana Bay.

Church Services
If you’re worried that you will not be able to honor your faith if you enjoy a tropical Christmas, fear not. As the Caymans are a predominantly Christian country, you will not find a shortage of church services at this time of year.

Christmas Day Lunch
Make your Christmas Day afternoon a gourmet delight and enjoy the special menus offered by multitudes of restaurants, many of which include bottomless Champagne or sparkling wine along with the feast.

So don’t hesitate or talk yourself out of experiencing this holiday magic in tropical splendor. Go online or contact us here at South Bay Beach Club by phone and let us be your guide this Christmas season.

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  • December 15th, 2017

Christmas Moonlight & Movies

You may think Christmas in the tropics is a simpler, more one-dimensional event than what you’re used to, but you might be surprised. The truth is that Christmas in the Cayman Islands is a month-long celebration that spans every form of entertainment. From Christmas-tree trimming to carols and holiday foods to running, the choices are endless.

From late November to late December, the Caymans is awash in holiday cheer. In fact, one of the most popular events is the Christmas Moonlight & Movies series.

Beginning on Nov. 21 and ending on Dec. 19, every Tuesday, this family-friendly annual event showcases a classic movie under the stars presented on a big screen at the Crescent at Camana Bay. Before show time, there are themed activities, such as a real-life Santa for children to meet and greet, as well as to offer donations to support Feed Our Future, an organization created to help end childhood hunger.

Read on for the entire lineup of festive family movies on tap during the Christmas 2018 season.

Tuesday, Nov. 21
The Polar Express
In this animated tale, a young boy embarks on a magical adventure to the North Pole on the Polar Express, learning about bravery, friendship and the spirit of Christmas along the way.

Tuesday, Nov. 28
The Santa Clause
When a man inadvertently kills Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, he is magically recruited to take his place.

Tuesday, Dec. 5
When newly crowned Queen Elsa accidentally uses her power to turn her homeland to ice to curse it to an infinite winter, her sister Anna joins together with a mountain man, his impish reindeer and a snowman to make things right again.

Tuesday, Dec. 12
Arthur Christmas
Santa’s clumsy son Arthur gets sent on a mission with St. Nick’s father to deliver a misplaced present to a young girl in less than two hours.

Tuesday, Dec. 19
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
In one of the greatest Christmas classics of all time, a green, revenge-seeking Grinch plans on ruining the Christmas holiday for all of the citizens of Whoville.

Moonlight & Movies is yet more proof of the depth of commitment to the Christmas season that exists in the Caymans. So if you love both tropical beauty and traditional Christmas cheer, why put off making your reservations any longer? Contact us here at South Bay Beach Club today so we can help you enjoy a Caymans Christmas the right way.

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  • December 8th, 2017

18th-Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

It is easy to think of the Cayman Islands as a year-round destination that is always sunny, warm and a veritable shining example of tropical beauty, tranquility and ease of living. On the other hand, there are always events going on here, not to mention holiday celebrations. In fact, one of the Cayman’s most anticipated holiday events is its annual Christmas tree lighting.

Read on to find out more about how we celebrate this event here at the South Bay Beach Club.

The Ceremony
Every year, Crescent Beach on Camana Bay transforms itself into a winter wonderland. The ordinarily bustling destination, which houses restaurants and retail shops of all types, instead becomes the place to celebrate the lighting of the island’s majestic, official Christmas tree. There are also dozens of other events, including a Christmas craft market, carol singing, a visit from Santa Clause and a variety of musical performances, including by The Cayman National Choir and Orchestra, the Cayman Islands Folk Singers and Cayman International School Elementary Choir. In addition, many restaurants and bars offer special celebratory foods and drinks to mark the occasion.

The History
The Caymans’ annual Christmas tree lighting event started in 2000, making the 2017 celebration the 18th year it has been a Caymans tradition. We here at South Bay Beach Club encourage all of our visitors to take part in and enjoy the event, as it is a wonderful way to celebrate a traditional holiday and experience the warmth and generosity of the people of the Cayman Islands. It is made for children and adults of all ages, so make sure you bring your entire family to Camana Bay. As the event gets very busy, make sure you make reservations at a Camana Bay restaurant ahead of time so you have an eagle’s-eye view of this fun event.

The holiday season is also a busy time all over the Cayman Islands in general, and such is the case at South Bay Beach Club. Visitors come from all over the world to celebrate the holidays, get away from the cold or just take time off as the old year ends and the new one begins. Consequently, make sure you reserve your room early so you don’t miss enjoying our slice of paradise.

So remember that you don’t have to choose between Christmas and your long-desired tropical vacation. When you visit us here at South Bay Beach Club you really can have it all.

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  • November 30th, 2017

Cayman 27’s Parade of Lights

The Cayman Islands are known for their year-round tropical beauty, temperate weather and peaceful vibe. In fact, the winter season here is one of the busiest times of the year, drawing thousands of visitors from cold-weather climates who want to celebrate the winter holiday season in balmy comfort. Some come to lay on the beach and thaw, while others use the time to be active and take advantage of the myriad watersports available to them. Either way, visitors love the warmth, friendliness, tranquility and lifestyle the Caymans offer, and they keep on coming back.

However, it is important to remember how diverse the Caymans are and how many cultural events and celebrations are offered here. In fact, the opportunities are endless. It’s also nice to know that, for those who celebrate Christmas, you don’t have to choose between staying at home to experience the holiday and coming to the Caymans for vacation. In reality, you can enjoy both here at the same time.

Case in point is Cayman 27’s Parade of Lights, held every year in early December. Here is a rundown of this exciting and popular day-long celebration:

Cayman 27’s Parade of Lights
The Parade of Lights has truly become one of the biggest, most entertaining and most popular events in the Cayman Islands. Every year, Cayman residents and visitors from across the globe enjoy the spirit of the Christmas holiday with this day-long event. It starts with a Christmas market that offers amazing goods, foods and artistic creations of all types. In addition, restaurants across the island offer unique, holiday food and drinks from morning to night.

However, it is in the evening when the event hits full stride. People cram onto the beaches of Camana Bay to see the promenade of sea-faring vessels make their way across the harbor. Boats of every shape and size are lit up with endless numbers of lights and festive decorations to vie for the title of best boat. In addition, you’ll see Santa, a breathtaking fireworks display, live music and films under the stars, all brought to you by Cayman 27, the island’s local television station.

So don’t sit around and wish you could spend some winter time in the tropical splendor of the Cayman Islands. Contact South Bay Beach Club at and let us serve as your host this December. Your body and mind will thank you later.

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  • November 25th, 2017

GIMISTORY International Storytelling Festival

The Cayman Islands have always been proud of their heritage, from the physical spaces to historic sites to long-held customs. This manifests in a number of ways, from celebrating international holidays and cuisines to holding numerous events that speak directly to the Cayman’ traditional past.

Storytelling is one of the oldest customs in the Caymans, dating back to a time when there were not electronics to demand our attention. Today, professional storytellers visit the Caymans from all over the world to tell tales of myths, legends and heritage to spur laughter, wonder and the imagination. This rich storytelling present culminates in a festival that draws thousands of people every year. Read on to learn about this ever-popular event.

The Story of GIMISTORY
GIMISTORY, the Grand Caymans’ International Storytelling Festival, is celebrating its 20th anniversary and this year is being held from Nov. 25 to Dec. 2. It brings together more than 2,000 visitors from the Cayman Islands and across the globe to witness or take part in this popular event. Storytellers from across the Caymans’ broad cross-section of residents, as well as many from other countries, will take their turn spinning yarns, creating drama and spurring minds to think. In the process, they help revitalize a forgotten art, as well as the art of listening.

GIMISTORY was created to help breathe new life into the art of speaking, communicating, explaining and even listening as a means of further educating the Cayman populace. Whether funny or profound, the stories told here help reawaken the part of our brain that has been dulled by repetitive and not entirely imaginative modern digital outlets. It is also part of an initiative to preserve the Caymans’ rich cultural history and heritage and to spawn further pride in the island’s lineage.

Every day, storytellers visit schools and make presentations on each of the Caymans’ three islands. Each night, storytellers gather in a different Caymans neighborhood, usually on a picturesque beach or in a tranquil field to tell their tales. They take their turns weaving their yarns in front of rapt audiences of all ages while a grand variety of foods and music punctuate the event.

There is still time to make it to the event, and South Bay Beach Club is the perfect place to drop anchor for this year’s event. Contact us now at

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  • November 22nd, 2017

9th – 13th November – Pirates Week

Many people visit South Bay Beach Club, and the Cayman Islands, to experience true tropical beauty, white-sand beaches, azure-blue waters and a relaxed sense of timelessness. In spite of the Caymans Islands’ notoriety as pure tranquility, the fact is that few, if any, places celebrate their link to their pirate past as closely and lovingly as do the Caymans. Accordingly, for one week every year, this bastion of calmness and serenity celebrates its pirate past with a series of celebrations, mock invasions, special ceremonies and general dancing in the streets.

As Pirates Week 2017 has just concluded, having run from Nov. 9 to 13, we wanted to give you a rundown of what you missed so you can plan to visit during the event next year.

The Invasion
Let’s face it: Pirates have always loved staging an invasion. In this case, our “pirates” engineer a mock version, though it is done the old-fashioned way. It all starts out on the azure-blue waters, where two sailing vessels straight out of yesteryear and filled with packs of swarthy “pirates” traverse George Town Harbor until they reach the shores of Grand Cayman Island. Once on land, their goal is to kidnap Gov. Helen Kilpatrick.

Just as a historical aside, the Caymans were long considered a dependency of Jamaica. Then, once the motherland earned its independence, the islands were split and classified as a colony of the British crown. Beginning in 1971, the British Government appointed a governor, who replaced the previous top politician, the administrator.

Now back to Pirates Week. The peaceful invasion is witnessed by thousands of visitors, who jam the beach to witness this lighthearted and almost-historically-accurate event, making it the only one of its kind in the Caribbean.

Once the mock coup has concluded, the island turns its attention to street parades, costume contests, musical performances, fireworks, a children’s fair, 5K and 10K runs and a street dance finale. There are street foods of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities sprinkled all over the island. In addition, special Heritage Days celebrate individual historic neighborhoods on Grand Cayman Island, including Bodden Town, George Town, East End, West Bay and North End. The action-packed, frivolously fun week-long event concludes with a grand finale night parade.

While there are so many reasons to visit us here at South Bay Beach Club, isn’t it nice to know there is yet one more?

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  • November 15th, 2017

Interesting Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve 2018

Interesting Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve 2018

Every year, it’s the same old dilemma: What to do for New Year’s Eve. There is always the overpriced club route, in which you pay way too much to get into a club and try hard to have a good time but end up dissatisfied. There is also the restaurant route, which is usually more of the same. If you’re lucky enough to live near a beautiful natural setting, you can create something great with some friends and your imagination, and hopefully it won’t be overrun with people.

On the other hand, wouldn’t you love to finally do something truly memorable to kick off the new year? Well read on to learn about our favorite ideas for 2018.

The Cayman Islands
Imagine spending the day in tropical splendor, laying on stunning, white-sand beaches and looking out on sparkling azure-blue waters, then following it up with a New Year’s Eve celebration to remember. Your evening endeavors can take on many forms, from joining the official fun along Seven Mile Beach, taking in the fireworks over the harbor on a privately charted boat or setting up shop on a blanket with you and yours, a tasty snack and your favorite beverage. Did we mention the temperatures will be blissfully balmy?

Rio de Janeiro
Sure, New York and Sydney get all of the international acclaim for their major-league fireworks celebrations, and with good reason, but have you ever considered Rio? While this sexy city’s Carnaval gala gets the most attention, its New Year’s Eve celebration gives it a run for its money. You can join a couple million people and take part in Réveillon, a fete on two miles of beaches that brings together traditional Brazilian, religious and superstitious beliefs and is capped off by fireworks over the ocean at midnight.

Stay Home and Invite a Crowd
Many of us live busy lives that sometimes feel as though they never stop for a break, and all of that can catch up to us at the end of the year. If that’s what this holiday is bringing to you, then slow down, invite your besties to your place and tell them all to bring a surprise dish that sums up their hopes and feelings about the new year. Make it about the experience and not the dressing, and spend the evening really talking and connecting and let it all take its course.

Ultimately, choosing a truly memorable celebration will leave you inspired and ready for the new year. So make your commitment now and make it happen.

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  • October 31st, 2017

The Best Places To Spend Christmas Abroad

The Best Places To Spend Christmas Abroad

We all feel obliged to spend Christmas the same way every year. Consequently, what should be a joyous, thankful holiday often becomes hard work and drudgery as we fight the crowds and crass commercialization to buy all the “things” we think will make our loved ones happy.

Here’s a fresh idea, though: How about putting some joy back into your holidays and taking your family or loved one on an invigorating trip abroad to see how Christmas is celebrated—or not—elsewhere in the world? If this concept piques your interest, read on for our favorite destinations for Christmas 2017.

The Cayman Islands
There is never not a good time to go to this tropical, sophisticated yet family-friendly tropical paradise. The weather is lovely all year round, which is perfect for those caught in the brutal, long winters of the Northern Hemisphere. Imagine basking in the warm, tropical sunlight, laying on picturesque white-sand beaches and staring at or playing in azure-blue waters instead.

There are also many sightseeing destinations for you and your love, or the entire family, and the dining options are limitless. Accordingly, you’ll be able to enjoy the Christmas meal of your dreams in an unparalleled tropical destination. What more could you ask for?

Much of modern Christmas lore and customs, such as the Christmas tree, derive from this Western European nation. Typically, the tree was brought into the home on Christmas Eve and decorated, then presents exchanged. This tradition lives on into the present for the most part in Germany and makes it a particularly festive time of year to visit. Sure, it’s a bit chilly, but there are plenty of warm beverages to enjoy, and if you’ve never experienced the Christmas markets then you must visit.

Head to Thailand for an even more exotic Dec. 25. True, just a few percent of the Thai population consider itself Christian, but don’t be surprised to see Christmas trees all around this tropical destination in late December. The Thai love the spectacle of it, but they do not stop their lives for it. So, you will be both aware of Christmas and gloriously not overwhelmed by the commercialization of it.

There are many other reasons to visit this Southeast Asian country, not the least of which is to experience its Buddhist culture and architecture. It is home to some of the most breathtaking buildings and churches in the world, as well as amazing greenery. Oh, and the temperatures will be firmly in the 90s in December, so your friends will be jealous when you return home a bronzed god or goddess.

Regardless of where you go, remember that the holidays can be whatever you want them to be, so make them so.

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  • October 25th, 2017

Late October – Cayman Cocktail Week

Late October – Cayman Cocktail Week

There are endless reasons to visit the Cayman Islands, and most of the best known of those have to do with its spectacular natural beauty and temperate tropical weather. However, it’s also a great thing to just relax all day and celebrate all night—or at least celebrate a bit when you feel the moment.

While one should never need a reason to celebrate and enjoy a tasty cocktail, there sure is an extra reason coming up later this month. From Oct. 20 to 27, the islands celebrate Cayman Cocktail Week. The fifth anniversary of this celebration will give everyone a chance to taste the best of the Caymans in a glass. Read on for the full schedule.

Friday, Oct. 20, 2017:
The festivities kickoff at the Opening Party at Gatsby at Backroom. This classy joint will feature craft cocktails, live jazz and a little razzmatazz from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017:
Get your lounge on at the Tanqueray Green Room at the King’s Head from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. There, you’ll enjoy Tanqueray cocktails and loungey tunes and vibes in a setting somewhere between Snoop Dogg’s living room and an English pub.

Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017:
For those still pumping from the first two events, Sunday is all about the Bulleit BBQ Brunch at Karoo and the Bulleit Bourbon Bar. Sundays are also for rest, relaxation and, sometimes, nursing the wounds you suffered Saturday night. Luckily, Craft Food & Beverage Company is making recovery an easy proposition. From 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., you’ll be able to make your own Bloody Marys and Bloody Caesars from scratch while you dine on brunch and a return to the real world.

Monday, Oct. 23, 2017:
Monday night is for pure class and a trip through Italy at Il Mercantino at Anchor % Den. Buon viaggio!

Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017:
The Caymans’ best bartenders will be competing in the Appleton Cocktail Competition at the Ritz-Carlton, and you get to taste their creations.

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017:
The Aqua Cocktail Dinner is all Quentin Tarantino and Pulp Fiction living. Get ready to dance!

Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017:
Agave to Glass is your chance to learn everything you wanted to know about tequila from a true tequila master.

Friday, Oct. 20, 2017:
The Don Julio Cocktail Cruise pairs the classy Dia De Los Muertos sailboat with the coolest tequila beverages for a finale to remember.

So if you are visiting the Caymans in late October, be sure to take advantage of the amazing deals on the most innovative and classic cocktails available anywhere.

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  • October 18th, 2017

1st-31st October – Cayman Restaurant Month

1st-31st October – Cayman Restaurant Month

There are many reasons to visit the Cayman Islands, from all manner of outdoor activities and sightseeing to simply laying on the white-sand beaches and looking at the azure-blue waters. Regardless of how you spend your days, you will regularly be prepared to try new and exciting foods and restaurants that populate the Caymans, from classic European and American to the native fare. This is when you will fully come to realize how much good food there is here.

While this is the case year-round, if you are a food lover, now is really the time to go. That is because, in addition to fewer tourists jamming the islands and the weather being as temperate as it can be, October is Cayman Restaurant Month. That means that throughout the entire month, you can dine at many of the best, world-class restaurants the Caymans have to offer for as little as $10 CI for lunch and $25 CI for dinner. That works out to about $12 to $30 U.S. How is that for an inducement?

Lunch is often a meal visitors will either skip or gloss over, catching something on the run or taking some sandwiches and snacks to the beach to tide themselves over until dinner. However, this month’s special deals mean even those on a budget can treat themselves to more restaurant dining. Cayman Restaurant Month special lunches all consist of three courses for one low price, which ranges from $10 to $20 CI.

Participating restaurants include Guy Harvey’s, Casanova’s, Agua, Ferdinand’s, Cayman Cabana, Vivo, Burger Shack, Catch, Edoardo’s, Lobster Pot, Rackam’s, The Wharf and Grand Old House.

The great thing about dinner in the Caymans is it can be anything from a white-tablecloth, fine dining affair to a casual beachfront meal enjoyed while you’re wearing shorts and flip-flops. Either way, you can find something you love or want to try at one of the numerous eateries offering these killer menus. Prices for a fixed-price, three-course meal range from $25 to $45.

The establishments participating in the special dinner deals include Edoardo’s, Vivo, Agua, Ave at the Kimpton Resort & Spa, Casanova’s, Catch, Grand Old House, Guy Harvey’s, Lobster Pot, Cimboco, Beach House, Ristorante Pappagallo, Cayman Cabana, The Brasserie and Rackam’s.

You’ve certainly heard many times the admonition that you should not delay. Since it is already October, we respectfully recommend that you make your dreams happen now and take advantage of this once-a-year phenomenon. Your wallet, and stomach, will thank you.

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  • October 13th, 2017