Cayman Islands National Museum: 1938 Oxford University Biological Expedition Exhibit

Cayman Islands National Museum: 1938 Oxford University Biological Expedition Exhibit

The Cayman Islands National Museum welcomes locals and tourists to discover 1938 Oxford University Biological Expedition to the Cayman Islands, an exhibit running until August 18th and the first natural history survey of all 3 Cayman Islands. Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman’s flora, fauna, wetlands, and geology are on display in written reports that the general public is now able to view.

Then entomologists and Oxford students Gerald H. Thompson and C. Bernard Lewis provided the survey’s research into Cayman butterflies. This report offers interesting information on the number of species living on each island in 1938.

The Cayman Islands National Museum frequently hosts special exhibitions and it houses a number of permanent galleries. Some of the regular displays available to peruse include:

Natural History Gallery

In the Cayman Islands National Museum’s Natural History Gallery, visitors find a realistic representation of the Cayman’s flora and fauna. Guests are able to take a look at both the environment and the species diversity that exists on the islands.

This gallery covers the geological formation of the Cayman Islands, its current land and underwater life and more via a mixture of dioramas, taxidermy, panels and interactive features.

Legends of Scuba Diving Gallery

The Cayman Islands Ministry of Tourism established the ISDHF in 2000 to celebrate those who have made significant contributions to the growth and success of recreational scuba diving around the Cayman Islands. Notable advancements in equipment design, dive travel, innovation, and education are showcased in The Legends of Scuba Diving Gallery.

This gallery features an impressive array of artifacts inspired by early pioneers and international champions of scuba diving, all International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame inductees. The Legends of Scuba Diving Gallery is dedicated to Cayman dive honorees.

About The Cayman Islands National Museum

The Cayman Islands National Museum’s Old Courts Building is one of the only surviving 19th-century structures on the Cayman Islands. It has endured countless hurricanes and has stood for more than 180 years, providing a welcome sight for returning Cayman seamen. Before the lighthouse at the Museum was built, a Caymanian hoisted a lantern onto a flagpole each evening to aid in ships’ navigation.

A beloved building and public venue, the Cayman Islands National Museum sits at a historic corner in the middle of George Town. Once the home of the Cayman Islands’ first post office and an early Commissioner’s office, the structure has been a courthouse and a jail. It also served as a community schoolroom, public library, church hall, and savings bank.

3 Harbour Drive, George Town | Tel: 345-949-8368

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  • August 7th, 2018

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