The Cayman Islands Orchid Show – February

When people talk of the tropical beauty of the Cayman Islands, they typically think of the white-sand beaches, pristine Caribbean waters and verdant palm trees and landscape that this stunning island nation offers. The Caymans, however, as they prove over and over again, offer so much more. This is perhaps never more obvious than when the Caymans host their annual Orchid Show, which celebrates the breathtakingly beautiful, mysterious, delicate plant that has inspired untold artists and storytellers.

When and Where
Held on Feb. 24 and 25 at Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden in the district of North Side on Frank Sound Road, the exhibition will showcase the most beautiful locally grown orchids and host a plant sale of specially imported orchids, most of which will be in bloom. More than that, though, this event also promotes the conservation of Cayman’s native orchids, as well as educating visitors about the most effective ways to grow orchids. In addition, proceeds from the show will go toward establishing an orchid garden in the Botanic Park. The show is the Botanic Park’s major fundraising event, and thus it attracts floral enthusiasts from throughout the country.

It all started in 2008, when the Botanic Park was invited to design an entry for London’s prestigious Chelsea Flower Show and won the silver medal. The following year, the park’s entry won the gold, as well as the President’s Most Creative Award.

About the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden
The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden opened in 1994 when the queen herself led a ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate this momentous occasion in Caymans history. Though the park’s Woodland Trail was the only attraction complete at the time, over the years, it has evolved and become the world-class facility that it is today.

Regardless of what time of year you visit Grand Cayman Island, you can enjoy a visit to the Botanic Garden any time. Whether you take a leisurely walk through the colorful gardens or botanic, lake and nature displays, you will never forget the beauty you find there. Visit the Tea House and marvel at its spectacular views, then stop by the Heritage Garden. After that, stop by the lake area and check out the natural habitats for the Cayman blue iguana and breeding grounds for the rare aquatic birds and animals that call the Caymans home.

So if you want to experience the Caymans and the beauty of our orchids, contact us here at South Bay Beach Club and book a room so you can enjoy the show while spending your down time in luxury.

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  • February 15th, 2018

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