Don’t Miss The 13th Annual Cowgirl Dance Competition!

Just because you’re enjoying an epic trip in Grand Cayman doesn’t mean you have to leave everything Western culture-related behind. The 13th Annual Cowgirl Dance Competition at Lone Star Bar & Grill on Seven Mile Beach brings the Wild West to one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world for a night of fun you won’t forget.

Dancing The Night Away

This annual competition is one of the most electrifying events from the Lone Star Bar & Grill and features a soundtrack courtesy of Rooster 101 and Z99, two of Grand Cayman’s best radio stations. Contestants strut their best stuff on the bar–yep, the actual bar, just like in Coyote Ugly–to hopefully win the $1,000 cash prize. Participants are judged on their dance moves, costume, appearance, and how excited they get the crowd. Multiple rounds have been a staple of competitions past to choose a winner among the many talented contestants. Each dancer performs a three to five-minute song.

In addition to the winner receiving a $1,000 cash prize, all participants get their bar tabs taken care of by management. The event is so popular it’s not uncommon to see patrons out on the patio area shouting encouraging words to the latest dancers.

A Few Other Performances To Note

Not only will the 13th Annual Cowgirl Dance Competition feature some of the best and brightest amateur talent on the island, it will also include performances by Pole Dance Fitness courtesy of Quintessential Movement. There is usually a pole dance performance to start the evening and one to break up the competition.

The Date & Time

The free event starts at 9:00 pm on Friday, August 9th, 2019 and goes into the night. If you intend to visit Grand Cayman during this time, mark this competition on your calendar to enjoy a Western-themed night that’s still unique to the island. Contact the bar if you have any interest in participating, as space is usually limited.

Don’t miss the chance to kick up your cowboy boots and have a fantastic time at one of Grand Cayman’s favorite local haunts. There’s always something new and exciting happening on Seven Mile Beach to help you get the most from your island getaway.

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  • July 24th, 2019

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