Explore The Bodden Town Pirates Caves During Your Grand Cayman Adventure

Even if you don’t make it to Grand Cayman in time for the annual Pirates Week celebration in mid-November, you can still enjoy a nice dose of buccaneer history on your trip. The Bodden Town Pirates Caves & Nature Trail provides a glimpse into the life of pirates that used Grand Cayman caves for shelter and treasure storage. The caves provide fun for the whole family and include several attractions. Take a moment to learn about these extraordinary caves and everything else you can expect from this unique park during your visit.

The Caves

Use your provided map to explore the legendary caves occupied by some of the Carribean’s most notorious pirates. You and your family do not need any special equipment to experience a taste of the past. Locals believe treasure still lies beneath the cave sand, which pirate ghosts continue to guard. According to cave myths, these dead pirates volunteered to stay behind and protect this bounty.

You’ll feel like you’ve entered another world as you wander through these caves amidst tropical vegetation. Enjoy learning about the island’s incredible history as well as local flora and fauna during your underground adventure.

The Nature Trail & Petting Zoo

Once you finish exploring the famous caves, enjoy a nature trail featuring some of the island’s most beautiful greenery. The trail includes “nature trail facts” throughout for more educational fun.

Enjoy the petting zoo and see if you and yours don’t make a few new friends! This special area features a lovable baby goat as well as chickens, guinea pigs, and bunny rabbits. All are sure to delight the littlest members of your “pirate crew.”

The Picnic Area

Relax and refresh at the attraction’s lovely picnic area. Bring lunch or purchase delicious snacks and drinks at the Sweet Bites Cafe. The quaint eatery includes locally-roasted coffee, tea, and homemade pastries that make taste buds dance. And since there’s free wifi on premise, you can easily upload your favorite pirate and nature trail images to Instagram and other social media platforms.

Don’t forget to take a stroll around Bodden Town after visiting the caves to enjoy more historic sites and simply take in this slice of tropical paradise.

Sound like one of the many fantastic ways to spend a day in Grand Cayman? Learn more about the Pirate Caves here.

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  • November 22nd, 2019

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