Extreme Cayman Adventures

Winter’s nearly over, and if you’re looking forward to a first class tropical vacation with tons of extreme sports, South Bay Beach Club has got what you’re looking for on the warm and crystalline waters at Grand Cayman Islands.

Extreme Sports in the Water

Let the local adventure experts at South Bay Beach Club show you the adventure you’ve been craving with the whole range of extreme tropical water sports. Hit the beach for surfing or twist up the curl kite surfing. If you prefer motor powered water sports, try making wakes with a jet ski or wave runner. Para-sailing is an amazing way to take in the view while flying behind a speed boat. For those with a curious streak, snorkeling and scuba diving are great ways to explore the tropical surf and encounter that thousands of colorful creatures beneath it. Of course, not all extreme water sports have to be new- there’s always body-boarding or canoeing, for a more familiar thrill.

Over the Water

For those who would like to get out of the water, well out of it, wing suit skydiving is about as exciting as it gets. Drop from a few thousand feet and literally fly over the islands and the bay. If you’ve got a strong neck and enjoy the feeling of raw excitement, bungee jumping may be the thing. If you just want to feel the whoosh of the air and see the Earth rushing up to meet you, traditional skydiving is nothing to sneeze at.

On the Land

Those with an affinity for cardiovascular fitness may go for trail running- and there may be no better place on Earth for it. Mountain biking is an excellent way to explore the island as well as a great way to experience trails. Rock climbing is a big deal on these islands with many opportunities to test your grip and your resolve in this beautiful tropical paradise. Cave diving and exploration are sports that can be incorporated with just about any other kind on the Cayman Islands as these locations are riddled with complex networks of caves.


The South Bay Beach Club can arrange an activity package with any of these activities and more for your Spring or Summer vacation. They offer a range of non-extreme sports for when you just need to catch your breath. There’s horse riding along pristine beaches, sailboating, golf, and much more to fill out your tropical get away.

The South Bay Beach Club is nestled in the world-renowned Seven Mile Beach with a host of first class villas, restaurants and a whole range of amenities to make your get away event one that you will not soon forget.


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  • May 17th, 2016

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