Fill Up At The Cayman Islands Harvest Market

Every Wednesday in February, in Heliconia Court – a new public space at Camana Bay on Grand Cayman, island residents and visitors head to the Harvest Market to fill baskets with fresh produce and tasty food.

The weekly event is part farmers market and a community gathering place. It’s where you can go for food, friends and a memorable experience in the Cayman Islands.

The Harvest Market starts at 10 a.m. and is open until 3 p.m., but get there early to enjoy the best pick of freshly-picked fruits and vegetables, and the first choice of fresh-cut flowers.

The island’s top growers and makers are at the Harvest Market every week to provide locals and tourists with delicious ingredients for their cooked meals and tempting treats to take on the go.

The Harvest Market is the premier place on our islands to showcase things grown and made from scratch. Young and old love sampling seasonal products, and they are thrilled when they can talk to the farmers and makers who sell their special items themselves.

Head to Camana Bay next Thursday and the Thursday after if you’re still here with us. The Harvest Market is located between 18 Forum Lane and One Nexus Way. As many as 40 growers and makers will be waiting for you and will surely have amazing food and crafts for you to buy.

After you visit the market, stick around Camana Bay to stroll through the shops and have a meal at a restaurant. Camana Bay is Grand Cayman’s central hub, a community with a small-town vibe and entertainment for all.

About Camana Bay

From sprawling waterfront lawns to courtyards that were made for lingering, Camana Bay has it all. Local flavors, art and music are on display daily and the nightlife at Camana Bay is some of the best around.

Camana Bay is a 685-acre, master-planned mixed-use venue that promotes connectivity, walkability, diversity and sustainability through enriching programs, fantastic events, beautiful design and thoughtful amenities.

Visit Camana Bay near South Bay Beach Club to shop, eat, play and relax. Spanning from sea to sound, this open space is inspiring in its offerings and setting.

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  • January 18th, 2019

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