Fun on a Budget on the Cayman Islands

Need to get away but spend your dollars wisely? The Cayman Islands, comprised of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, have plenty to explore and enjoy without breaking the bank. Here are 10 suggestions of free and low cost activities on your trip.

  1. Spend time getting some sun by the azure waters of Seven Mile Beach, a popular public beach that is a great spot to spy vibrant fish and coral while snorkeling.
  2. Go to Hell. This tourist attraction of short black limestone can be entered for free in West Bay.
  3. Hike the Mastic Trail, a massive trail that runs through a mangrove swamp and woodland area with bright and rare plants to see. Hike for free by yourself but bring a map.
  4. Bring rather than rent equipment, and go boogie boarding, snorkeling and diving at the many attractive beaches.
  5. Get a few magazines and your favorite poolside drink and kick back. It’s a vacation after all.
  6. For a few dollars, bring the family to the Cayman Turtle Farm. Children get a hands-on experience with baby sea turtles and other wildlife and the farm is working to protect the endangered green sea turtle.
  7. Participate in the social events in Grand Cayman. Some events are free but others have varying prices. Upcoming events include the Kaibio Kitefest, a fun family day with kite competitions, kite-making and live music, and the Batabano Carnival Junior Parade with calypso and soca dancing. April’s Cayfest is a wonderful cultural festival that showcases local talented artists, performances and more.
  8. Go fishing. Angling is big on the Cayman Islands with annual events like the Cayman Island International Fishing Tournament. Bring your own tackle and indulge your passion.
  9. Learn a few new moves. Most of the established hotels and local hot spots offer the opportunity to dance and mingle with fellow travelers and residents. Take advantage of the opportunities around you.
  10. Enjoy a Cayman Islands’ sunrise. Whether you have partied all night or want to start off the day just right, sit back and allow the day to unfold before you on the waters of the Atlantic.

Talk with the locals and look for travel discounts to get the most of your stay in the Cayman Islands. It is easy to plan a memorable vacation on these picturesque islands.


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  • April 26th, 2016

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