GIMISTORY International Storytelling Festival

The Cayman Islands have always been proud of their heritage, from the physical spaces to historic sites to long-held customs. This manifests in a number of ways, from celebrating international holidays and cuisines to holding numerous events that speak directly to the Cayman’ traditional past.

Storytelling is one of the oldest customs in the Caymans, dating back to a time when there were not electronics to demand our attention. Today, professional storytellers visit the Caymans from all over the world to tell tales of myths, legends and heritage to spur laughter, wonder and the imagination. This rich storytelling present culminates in a festival that draws thousands of people every year. Read on to learn about this ever-popular event.

The Story of GIMISTORY
GIMISTORY, the Grand Caymans’ International Storytelling Festival, is celebrating its 20th anniversary and this year is being held from Nov. 25 to Dec. 2. It brings together more than 2,000 visitors from the Cayman Islands and across the globe to witness or take part in this popular event. Storytellers from across the Caymans’ broad cross-section of residents, as well as many from other countries, will take their turn spinning yarns, creating drama and spurring minds to think. In the process, they help revitalize a forgotten art, as well as the art of listening.

GIMISTORY was created to help breathe new life into the art of speaking, communicating, explaining and even listening as a means of further educating the Cayman populace. Whether funny or profound, the stories told here help reawaken the part of our brain that has been dulled by repetitive and not entirely imaginative modern digital outlets. It is also part of an initiative to preserve the Caymans’ rich cultural history and heritage and to spawn further pride in the island’s lineage.

Every day, storytellers visit schools and make presentations on each of the Caymans’ three islands. Each night, storytellers gather in a different Caymans neighborhood, usually on a picturesque beach or in a tranquil field to tell their tales. They take their turns weaving their yarns in front of rapt audiences of all ages while a grand variety of foods and music punctuate the event.

There is still time to make it to the event, and South Bay Beach Club is the perfect place to drop anchor for this year’s event. Contact us now at www.southbaybeachclub.com.

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  • November 22nd, 2017

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