Grand Cayman Events

Throughout the year, there are numerous exciting events on Grand Cayman Island. There is plenty of time to relax and put your feet up on the beach, but you do not want to miss some of these activities and nights of entertainment. Below are just some of the highlights of what you can expect to enjoy when planning a trip to Grand Cayman.

Cayman Carnival Batabano

Cayman Carnival Batabano has been around since 1983. Every year, during the first week of May, two days of parades and parties are planned, similar to New Orleans’s Mardi Gras celebration. Batabano is the name of the tracks that turtles leave in the sand when they come onto the beach to nest their eggs. The islands have always found these tracks to be a great reason to celebrate, and now share their joy with each other and vacationers alike. There are two parades, one for adults, as well as a junior parade, both of which feature beautiful costumes, calypso bands and dancing, and extravagant float parades. The adult Batabano features the Art in the Heart exhibition following the parade, as well as a food festival for trying both international and local foods. After the junior Batabano, however, a festival fit for the whole family is held with activities ranging from face painting to costume competitions.

Cayman Restaurant Month

Have you ever wanted to try specific restaurants in Grand Cayman, but found the menu just a bit too pricey? For the entire month of October, restaurants all across the Cayman Islands reduce their prices so that locals and tourists have the ability to try many different types of food, even on a budget!

Pirates Week

While several Caribbean nations find ways to celebrate their heritage and the pirate lore that surrounds their history, the Cayman Islands go full force with their Pirates Week celebration held annually in November. All three islands spend seven days entertaining residents and guests alike with parades, children’s activities, parties and so much more. In Grand Cayman, the festivities abound, with a food festival, children’s fair, and nights full of pirate invasions. To conclude the week, Grand Cayman holds a pageant in which the intruding pirates are punished for their crimes, and celebration ensues with food, dancing, and fireworks.

New Year’s Eve

Grand Cayman is known for throwing some of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations around. Restaurants all over the island pull out all of the stops by bringing in DJs and bands to entertain dinner guests with most places providing several seating times, depending on your preference. After a night on the town, you can snuggle up with a loved one on the beach and enjoy the yearly display New Year’s Eve fireworks.

No matter what time of year, there are plenty of annual events to be enjoyed in Grand Cayman. Whether you are visiting with your entire family, or just an adult group, you are sure to find entertainment and festivities to fill your stay with fun, memories, and laughter.


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  • October 6th, 2016

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