Great Warm-Weather Escapes For Labor Day 2017

In much of the United States and North America, Labor Day weekend, if not a national holiday, signals the beginning of the end of summer, but really, the start of autumn. That means the days are shorter, the warm weather is becoming rarer and the cool nights are becoming more common.

So you can sit tight and just deal with this changing weather, or you can do something about it by booking a trip to a warm-weather haven and truly enjoying your Labor Day break. If that sounds more like your style, read on to get a rundown of some great destinations that’ll warm your bones any time of the year.

Cayman Islands

This tropical paradise has it all. For instance, if you enjoy long, sleepy days on the beach followed by a glass of wine at sunset and a romantic Oceanside dinner, then the Caymans are the place for you. At the same time, if you seek an active vacation, then the Cayman Islands are made for you, too, with endless watersports available, from snorkeling and kayaking to sailing and fishing. Have a taste for exotic? Swim with the turtles at Cayman Turtle Farm by day, then go deep on an Atlantis Submarines Cayman evening underwater excursion you’ll never forget. Round it all out with a hike the next day in which you end up at one of the islands’ many historic sites, such as the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden or Cayman Crystal Caves.


Never overlook this stunningly beautiful, verdant, exotic group of islands just because they are part of the United States. Whether you opt for the hustle and bustle of Honolulu, the surfing on Maui, the tranquility of the coffee plantations in Kona on the Big Island or spelunking from volcanic site to volcanic site, there is something for everyone here. Oh, and did we mention the weather is nearly perfect almost all year long?

The Florida Keys

This is yet another exotic getaway in the U.S. that Americans often overlook, much to their own detriment. This tropical string of islands stretches for about 100 miles, beginning about 60 miles south of Miami. For a mind-blowing yet tranquil weekend, fly into Miami and make the four-hour drive down the two-lane road that connects it to crazy, colorful Key West. On day two, drive halfway back up to Marathon, do some world-class fishing and then return to Miami. You’ll feel like you were in the tropics without needing a passport.

Regardless which of these you choose, or even if you find your own magical destination, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Log on, read a bit and click a few times and create a weekend trip you’ll always remember.


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  • August 1st, 2017

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