Historic Sites in The Caymans

While many people visit the Cayman Islands looking forward to doing nothing, they often find that there are so many things to do here that keep them active. From seagoing excursions and activities, to tours of historic sites, you will find enough to keep you busy during your visit to the Caymans. Nonetheless, nearly everything begins and ends in some way with the azure-blue Caribbean water surrounding the islands.

Stingray City
Many people have had the chance to swim with fish in an aquarium, but have you ever pet a stingray in the ocean? Well, here you can. You and a small group of tourists will have the time of your life wading in calm, shallow Caribbean waters with a fleet of about 50 wild stingrays, weighing roughly 150 pounds and five feet in size, who come and go as they please. You will earn how to treat them and feed them during this unforgettable visit.

Cayman Turtle Farm
In keeping with the ocean theme, why not learn about another Cayman marine mainstay and have an up-close and personal visit with our amazing sea turtles? Cayman Turtle Farm allows visitors to learn about these amazing sea creatures and meet some of the 11,000 green sea turtles here, ranging in size from six ounces to 600 pounds. You will also be able to swim with a variety of fish in the 1.3-million-gallon salt water lagoon and come face-to-face with sharks and eels living in the predator tank.

Want to go deeper? After all, the surface of the beautiful Caribbean only tells part of the story. Take an underwater tour with Atlantis Submarines International, the world leader in tourist submersibles. You’ll visit underwater shipwrecks, exotic living reefs, and tranquil coral canyons all while staying dry and free of the deep-sea pressure effects.

Pedro St. James
Not all of the Caymans’ history is water-related, however, as you will find with a visit to Pedro St. James Castle. This castle was originally a cotton and mahogany plantation built in 1780 that became the birthplace of the Caymans’ modern democracy in 1831. This exquisite three-story structure was a marvel at the time of its construction, and has just recently been restored to its original grandeur.

Cayman Botanic Park
Built in 1994, this world-class facility gives you an inspiring look at the flora of this amazing tropical island. Christened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the park houses a floral garden and the adjacent Heritage Garden, both of which are must-sees.

Ultimately, you are free to relax on our sun-soaked beaches and just be if you choose, but know that there are also many activities to keep you engaged and enthralled when you are ready.

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  • January 19th, 2017

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