Interesting Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve 2018

Interesting Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve 2018

Every year, it’s the same old dilemma: What to do for New Year’s Eve. There is always the overpriced club route, in which you pay way too much to get into a club and try hard to have a good time but end up dissatisfied. There is also the restaurant route, which is usually more of the same. If you’re lucky enough to live near a beautiful natural setting, you can create something great with some friends and your imagination, and hopefully it won’t be overrun with people.

On the other hand, wouldn’t you love to finally do something truly memorable to kick off the new year? Well read on to learn about our favorite ideas for 2018.

The Cayman Islands
Imagine spending the day in tropical splendor, laying on stunning, white-sand beaches and looking out on sparkling azure-blue waters, then following it up with a New Year’s Eve celebration to remember. Your evening endeavors can take on many forms, from joining the official fun along Seven Mile Beach, taking in the fireworks over the harbor on a privately charted boat or setting up shop on a blanket with you and yours, a tasty snack and your favorite beverage. Did we mention the temperatures will be blissfully balmy?

Rio de Janeiro
Sure, New York and Sydney get all of the international acclaim for their major-league fireworks celebrations, and with good reason, but have you ever considered Rio? While this sexy city’s Carnaval gala gets the most attention, its New Year’s Eve celebration gives it a run for its money. You can join a couple million people and take part in Réveillon, a fete on two miles of beaches that brings together traditional Brazilian, religious and superstitious beliefs and is capped off by fireworks over the ocean at midnight.

Stay Home and Invite a Crowd
Many of us live busy lives that sometimes feel as though they never stop for a break, and all of that can catch up to us at the end of the year. If that’s what this holiday is bringing to you, then slow down, invite your besties to your place and tell them all to bring a surprise dish that sums up their hopes and feelings about the new year. Make it about the experience and not the dressing, and spend the evening really talking and connecting and let it all take its course.

Ultimately, choosing a truly memorable celebration will leave you inspired and ready for the new year. So make your commitment now and make it happen.

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  • October 31st, 2017

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