National Trust Events This February

The Hatitude Brunch Is Back

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands is all about conservation and hosts a variety of events throughout the year to help preserve what makes the Caribbean Islands so beautiful and unique. These events help protect native animals and plants, groundwater, marine life, and all-natural areas. One of the National Trust’s biggest events is the annual Hatitude Brunch at the Grand Old House on South Sound. Now in its seventh year, take a moment to learn about this special event.

“Tea By The Sea”

Every year the brunch theme changes, with this year’s festivities labeled “Tea By The Sea.” The family-friendly event happens on Saturday, February 1st from 2 pm to 4:30 pm, allowing you to pack other activities into your itinerary that day. The Hatitude Brunch costs CI$75.00 for adult National Trust members, CI$90.00 for non-adult members, and CI$45.00 and CI$50.00 for child members and non-members, respectively.

A Chance To Emphasize Conservation

Since proceeds from the Hatitude Brunch go towards Cayman island preservation efforts, the event provides an ideal opportunity to teach children about protecting the environment. If you have young ones who will accompany you on your Grand Cayman getaway, consider adding the brunch to your itinerary to help your kids learn more about the world around them and why protecting nature is so essential. And since you’ll be in a naturally-stunning location, stressing conservation to your brood will be even easier. It’s easy to fall in love with nature when you’re surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes.

More National Trust Events This February

If you won’t arrive in time for the Hatitude Brunch, there are other National Trust events to select from in February. All benefit the organization’s conservation efforts, such as the National Geographic Wildlife Presenter, James Hendry on Saturday, February 8th. Join Hendry as well as National Trust Blue Iguana conservationist Luke Harding among others for a fascinating talk about ocean conservation. The event happens at the Royal Palms Beach Club in Grand Cayman at 5 pm, with tickets costing CI$65.00 and CI$58.00 for adult non-members and members. Child member and non-member tickets cost CI$30.00 and CI$35.00.

Should your visit to Grand Cayman occur later in February, consider attending the Cayman Brac Annual Fundraiser on Saturday, February 29th at the Brac Trust House at 6 pm. The event costs CI$25 per person, which includes your meal.

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  • February 4th, 2020

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