Need To Fill Out Your Grand Cayman Itinerary? Consider Bioluminescence Snorkeling!

Grand Cayman has no shortage of things to do, which naturally includes plenty of snorkeling opportunities. One of the arguably most exciting snorkeling options just off the coast of this Caribbean island is all about bioluminescence. Millions of dinoflagellates, a type of single-celled plankton, produce light when their habitats are disturbed during the night. And while some think the resulting illumination is a sign of harm, there is no evidence that boaters or snorkelers damage the plankton in any way.

If nighttime snorkeling in shimmering island waters sounds ideal to you, here’s what you need to know about this incredible experience:

Bio Bay Was Originally A Real Estate Project

The bioluminescence making up “Bio Bay” in Grand Cayman resulted from the development of private villas along the coastline. Construction shifted the physical characteristics of the bay, essentially trapping the plankton and keeping their numbers high. And while numbers vary according to the tide and weather, you can expect to bask in a glittering bay if you take this snorkel tour.

You’re Perfectly Safe To Snorkel

Snorkeling at night can sound a little dangerous, even if there’s millions of plankton illuminating the water. But have no fear–literally–because there are no sharks to worry about in this area. Sharks are not known to frequent this bay and there has never even been a shark attack in Grand Cayman. Additionally, the water is warm so you don’t have to worry about catching a chill with nighttime snorkeling. It is also free of all waves and currents.

If you visit Bio Bay in the summer, jellyfish may be present. However, tour operators provide full wetsuits during summer months to keep participants safe from the stinging fish. Visiting Grand Cayman in the winter means no jellyfish in the water to contend with. And the good news is the pain from a sting typically lasts no more than five minutes!

Staying On The Boat Is Also An Option

Some people prefer to see bioluminescence from the comfort of the tour boat. If you are among these people, look for a tour that offers free drinks such as soda and beer. Boats are always perfectly cushioned with few fellow passengers. Small groups ensure these experiences are worth every penny, with most tours offering free transportation from Seven Mile Beach.

Enjoy nighttime snorkeling among many other fantastic Grand Cayman adventures. Schedule your stay today by contacting South Bay Beach Club.

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  • October 18th, 2019

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