New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Most people have preconceived notions about the “proper” way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Whether it’s jamming into a city or town square to share the moment with hordes of other people, paying oodles of money to get into a bar or restaurant, or clinking glasses at midnight at home with family or friends, everyone has a vision of what the holiday should be.

However, imagine if you were free from those programmed beliefs. What if you could make New Year’s Eve whatever you’d like, even if that means celebrating it in tropical splendor?

Well, you can, and if you do, there is no better place to ring in the new year than the spectacular, friendly, fun Cayman Islands. In addition, we here at South Bay Beach Club are here to ensure your stay is relaxing and fun and that you are celebrating in all the right places.

About the Caymans at Year’s End
Since many people in the Northern Hemisphere live in places where it is frigid, or at least colder, during the holidays they cannot imagine being in a warm place at this time of year. However, for many people in the world, especially those in the beautiful Caribbean, warm tropical weather all year round is the norm. Such is the case in the Caymans. In fact, the highest average monthly temperatures occur in August, when they reach a high of 91 and low of 79 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. The coolest occur in December, yet they fall only to 84 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively.

That’s not all though, as you will find a group of islands rich with stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, world-class water sports, great food and rich history.

Our New Year’s Eve Celebration
Speaking of history, the Dec. 31 party here is legendary and one you will not want to miss. It is certainly one that families here never fail to celebrate with great zeal and generosity.

Most Caymans residents head to the bayside entertainment and retail complex Camana Bay in the evening, where a live DJ makes music alongside live dancing, eating and drinking at local restaurants and clubs, and general fun until midnight. You can experience the fireworks from your vantage point here or get a bird’s-eye view on Seven Mile Beach, considered by some the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean.

So what are you waiting for? Go online or pick up the phone and contact us here at South Bay Beach Club so we can make your dream celebration real.

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  • December 22nd, 2017

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