Official Guide to Bodden Town, Grand Cayman

Bodden Town was the first capital city of the Cayman Islands, and remains a travel must for anyone visiting the Caribbean destination. The historic town located on Grand Cayman features a friendly population, plenty of fabulous things to do, and endless cultural wonderment. From pirate caves and fresh seafood to unique art stores, cultural attractions and more, Bodden Town truly offers something for everyone.

Restaurant Fare

Treat yourself to delicious local fare by visiting Bodden Town’s best eateries. Pick from many jerk and fish shacks found on the side of the road offering jerk chicken, jerk pork, curry goat, oxtail, Cayman-style beef, fried fish, and much more. The Grape Tree Cafe is renowned as a favorite seafood stop featuring local fish for great prices, with fancier options including the Lighthouse Restaurant. The Italian eatery uses locally sourced meat, seafood, and produce to create delectable dishes and provides a highly affordable Sunday brunch. Other recommended restaurants include Rankin’s Jerk Pit, Seaside Paradise Restaurant, The White House, and South Coast Bar & Grill Breakers.

Historic Landmarks and Neighborhoods

Bodden Town features some of the Cayman Islands’ oldest and most opulent homes. Traditional building materials include silver thatch palm roofs, wattle and daub, and corrugated tin. Enjoy gazing at one-of-a-kind structures, as well as sand gardens that are adorned with white shells and flowering plants each holiday season to look like snow. The Bodden Town Mission House is a historic Cayman site featuring sand gardens and landscaped grounds representing the island’s rich heritage. It provides a glimpse into the days when early settlers arrived in Bodden Town. There’s also an old cemetery on the shore side of Bodden Town that was a burial site for pirates who used the island as a hideout.

A Fabulous Destination for Artists

Artists and enthusiasts no doubt adore Bodden Town, as it features a unique mix of art stores selling native Caymanian arts and crafts. The Bodden Town Art Shop is a yellow house just past the Pirate Caves sign that features a wide array of souvenirs and art, including paintings, bags, baskets, toys, photographs, jewelry, and much more.

Bodden Town Pirates Caves and Nature Trail

Speaking of the Pirates Caves, no visit to Bodden Town is complete without a stop at the famous destination steeped in legend. The caves are where pirates who roamed the Caribbean hid their treasure, and many Caymanians believe the treasure still lies in the caves’ tunnels guarded by pirate ghosts. Coral rubble from season after season of hurricanes ensures any remaining treasure stays well hidden. Today, the attraction includes a petting zoo, gallery, gift shop, trail, and cafe.

Sea Turtle Migration

If you visit the island any time from May through September you might get to watch the sea turtle migration at Moon Bay.

Enjoy a unique and beautiful visit to Bodden Town any time of year—there’s always something wonderful happening!

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  • November 17th, 2016

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