Red Sky At Night At Cayfest

It is true, and perhaps unavoidable, that so many visitors to the Cayman Islands see it solely as a tropical paradise where the good life can be enjoyed. While this is certainly true and something of which Caymanians are proud, it also overlooks the depth and breadth of offerings this island nation boasts. The reality, as our repeat visitors know, is that this is also a land of great history, rich culinary traditions and stimulating cultural offerings.

Perhaps no annual celebration here symbolizes this truism more than Cayfest. The Caymans’ National Festival of the Arts is the islands’ finest showcase of local artworks, and Red Sky at Night, a multi-disciplined, multicultural arts fair, is perhaps its anchor.

Luckily for you, there is still plenty of time to book your trip here so you can enjoy the sand, surf, sun and arts. In addition, South Bay Beach Club is here to host you, offering not only a luxurious place to lay your head at night, but also a source of information about the event and island to guide you during your stay.

Who, What and Where
Scheduled for Feb. 24, Red Sky at Night features a variety of live dancing, musical and dramatic performances along with displays of visual arts and crafts and films. The event will be held on the Harquail Cultural Centre Grounds in George Town from 4 p.m. to midnight. It will also offer visitors the chance to enjoy many mouthwatering culinary treats while listening to the signature Caribbean sounds of steel pans, fiddles and drums during the live performances and featured art.

About Cayfest
This national festival begins with the National Arts and Culture Awards the previous week. This ceremony celebrates those who have excelled in the arts or contributed to the artistic and cultural heritage of the Cayman Islands. Then, just a day before all of the Caymans and its visitors gather for Red Sky at Night, the island hosts Dress for Culture Day. Now in its fifth year, this event pays homage to the incredible diversity of nationalities that make up the rich mixture of the Caymans’ population. Individuals dress up to celebrate the approximately 135 different ethnicities that are part of the Caymans’ stew to show their respect for and tolerance of people of all races. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students.

So add a little culture to your tropical adventure. Contact us here at South Bay Beach Club and let us worry about the details.

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  • February 8th, 2018

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