Romantic Adult Getaways For Summer

Romantic Adult Getaways For Summer

With so much emphasis on work, responsibilities, and children, it is easy sometimes for couples to forget about that “us time” that used to be so common. In fact, it’s only by experiencing that kind of phenomenon every once in a while, that both reinvigorates a couple and reminds them how important it is to the health of their relationship. So with summer fast approaching, the time is now to start carving out your plans for a romantic, unforgettable getaway. Here are some of the best places in the world to do that:

Cayman Islands
This breathtakingly beautiful tropical island in the British West Indies has it all. Regardless of whether the two of you like bustling activities, romantic sunsets or just prefer lazing around on a white-sand beach, the Caymans can fill the bill. Romance is to be had everywhere here. For instance, spend the day reconnecting while lying on the beach all day, then watching the sunset over the crystal-blue waters. You can also spend your day out on the water snorkeling, go later for a sunset cruise, or if there is a sailor among you, rent your own boat and go at your own pace. Unsure what to do once the sun sets? How about contacting Atlantis Submarines and booking an evening submarine ride. Not only are the colors and experience completely different than the daytime excursion, but the vessel is geared toward adults, offering dinner, cocktails and entertainment.

Mendoza, Argentina
Buenos Aires gets all the publicity—and well it should—but this stunning region about an hour’s plane ride south is all about beauty and romance. Mendoza happens to be one of Argentina’s premier wine regions, producing outstanding bottles that you most likely will never see outside of the country. In addition, there are great places to stay and excellent dining options, many of which can be experienced with a view toward the majestic Andes mountains.

Lake Garda, Italy
Lake Garda, almost right next door, offers many of the same draws that its more famous neighbor does and some hidden gems too. This gorgeous waterfront town has everything a romance-seeking couple could want: cobblestone streets, lemon trees and olive groves everywhere, shimmering water, thermal spas and breathtaking villages, such as Sirmione and Gargnano. Oh, it also has that unmatchable cuisine. How could it be more romantic than that?

For couples in love, the world is truly your oyster. The sun, sand, the water… Now get out there and soak it all in.

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  • April 24th, 2017

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