Seven Mile Beach: A Must-Visit in the Caymans

Seven Mile Beach tops the list for any visit to Grand Cayman, as it’s a gorgeous white sand beach with perfectly turquoise waters. Despite the name, the beach is only 5.5 miles long but remains a destination for travelers from around the world. Nearby resorts, condos, restaurants, and shops dot the landscape, as do beachfront bars and facilities for every water sport under the yellow sun.

Snorkeling Adventures

The crystal-clear waters of Seven Mile Beach make the destination ideal for snorkeling. Enter another world filled with colorful coral and fish before stopping by the nearest beach bar for a drink. It’s also an excellent idea to snorkel or scuba-dive around Cemetery Reef, which features endless tropical fish, including sergeant majors who swim right up to you and may even follow you around for a bit. You might even come upon a squid or two. The public beach offers restrooms and showers if you want to rinse seawater off before enjoying a cocktail.

Picnic Tables and Barbecue Pits

Spending the day at Seven Mile Beach is easy when you combine swimming and snorkeling fun with juicy barbecue. The beach features plenty of picnic tables and barbecue pits for you and your family/friends to enjoy. If you get too hot, simply swim in the designated area and refresh yourself.

South Sound

Swimming in the South Sound section of Seven Mile Beach might not be possible, but windsurfing is. The Sound is the bay of water and adjoining land along the island’s southern stretch, and it features lots of turtle grass, rocks, juvenile fish, and stingrays. Said Sound is about eight feet deep.

Nearby Attractions

Attractions close to this beautiful beach include the Seven Mile Shops, Stingray City, and the famous Cayman Turtle Farm. The latter two attractions are found in George Town, the Grand Cayman capital in close proximity to Seven Mile Beach. The Stingray City Sandbar is a top Cayman Islands attraction—it’s a sandbar where fleets of southern stingrays gather to enjoy the guts of fish cleaned by local anglers. The stingrays started congregating in the area in the 1980s after they began associating the sound of boat motors with sustenance. Wade in the shallow waters and pet these often-shy creatures. Feed them squid, and you’ll make friends for life.

The Cayman Turtle Farm is a one-of-a-kind park that’s home to more than 11,000 sea turtles, as well as plenty of things to do, including snorkeling in a 1.3 million-gallon saltwater lagoon filled with tropical marine life.

Revel in the supreme beauty of Seven Mile Beach…. it’s a great way to spend a day or five.

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  • November 17th, 2016

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