Stingray City—Grand Cayman Island

You work hard, and when you want to unwind and get away from it all—the responsibilities you have at home, work, and in your community—you want to be relaxed to your core and have everything at your disposal. That’s why you love South Bay Beach Club in Grand Cayman, and it’s also why you love taking the entire family a short way away to the magic of Stingray City. This one-of-a-kind landmark will actually allow you and the kids to swim freely, in the warm, tranquil, tropical Cayman Island waters, with a living colony of real-life stingrays.

Stingray City boasts about 50 stingrays, whose numbers sometimes swell and who weigh roughly 150 pounds and are about five feet wide. These amazing, peaceful creatures swim gracefully in the waters of a shallow sandbar, making them accessible to adults and children of all ages and sizes.

An average of about 1,500 tourists visit the park every day, arriving via boats that depart along several spots on Seven Mile Beach. Each visit with the rays lasts about 20 minutes, during which Stingray City employees teach visitors about the stingrays, instruct them about how to respectfully handle these beautiful creatures, and how to feed them foody that is healthy for them. What’s most incredible is that the stingrays are wild and free to roam the wide-open seas as they wish—or to visit with lucky guests. As any guest who has interacted with them will tell you, when a stingray chooses to be with you and be fed by you, it can be a life-changing experience.

The hope of Stingray City is that visitors will come away not only having had an amazing experience, but also that they will have learned about these misunderstood sea beings and have a renewed understanding of their importance in the life of the ocean in Grand Cayman, and elsewhere. We emphasize safety in all ways, from that of the stingrays to every one of our guests, so that all outings are impactful and bring joy to every visitor.

Stingray City can accommodate individuals and groups. In addition to visiting our beautiful rays, we can set up other amazing excursions, from half- and full-day fishing trips, to celebrations and weddings on the water. All you have to do is ask and we will create an event that you will never forget.

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  • January 19th, 2017

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