Summer 2017’s Best Beach Escapes

Working hard, being busy and getting through the first part of the year’s family and holiday responsibilities is its own reward. Now, summer is yours.

Is there any more relaxing or romantic getaway than to a tropical beach, where the only sound you hear is the soft rolling waves? Where time is measured by sunrise and sunsets? We didn’t think so, which is why you should consider one now, before the best deals are snatched up and prices rise. Here are our favorites for summer 2017:

The Cayman Islands

This British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean oasis has it all, from powdery white-sand beaches to stunning sunsets, romantic activities for two, great dining, and interesting museums and historic sites. Whether you are laying on a beach, diving from a catamaran into the azure-blue water or surveying the countryside, you will feel calm, cool and connected.

The Maldives

Want to really get away? This ring of tropical islands, located about 500 miles south of the southern coast of India, is your ticket. There may be no more perfect example of tropical beaches, waters, lagoons and reefs than in this archipelago, and the dollar’s strong showing there make this the year to bring your Maldives dreams to bear.


You were about to overlook Hawaii, weren’t you? Well don’t. Thanks to continued luxury investment here, as well as endless activities and picture-perfect weather for nearly the entire year, the 50th state is a must-visit. From beach activities to volcano hiking to coffee plantations, this Pacific gem has it all.

Cape Town, South Africa

This may be a sleeper on the list for some people, but it should not be. This buzzy oceanfront city offers a dream palette for nearly everyone, including gorgeous beaches, a booming restaurant and nightlife scene, majestic mountains and stunning vistas just a stone’s throw away. True, summer in the Northern Hemisphere means winter in the Southern Hemisphere, but for those who live in warm places year-round or want to experience something different and truly magical, check out this amazing city before it gets truly discovered.


Italy may lay claim to la dolce vita, but if there is a sexier, more gorgeous place to spend a summer getaway, we don’t know it. Whether you are bronzing, looking fabulous while enjoying a café con leche or dancing the night away, you will feel inspired by this breathtaking island. Oh, and did we mention it is chock full of great shopping, delicious food, quaint villages and yoga retreats? Seriously, talk about complete.

It’s a big world out there, and summer is no time to shrink from it. In fact, there never has been a better time to make your plans. Your tan lines will thank you.

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  • May 20th, 2017

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