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Three Fantastic Ways To Celebrate Sunset In The Caymans

Sunset is celebrated with reverence all over the world. From Oia, on the Greek island of Santorini, to Grenada, where they hold a weeklong Sunset Ritual Festival; from the beaches of Hawaii to Key West, Florida, where people applaud the sunset every evening just as the sun disappears below the horizon. Sunsets are moments of Zen everyone loves.

In the Cayman Islands, with so many options available you can choose your own sunset adventure—or moment of Zen—depending on what you are feeling and to suit your personality. Here are three of our favorites.

  • Get Out on the Water

There may be no greater way to watch that fiery yellow-orange orb drop slowly into the ocean than to get a bird’s eye view on a seagoing vessel. There are numerous to choose from, so choose the one to suit your mood. Whether you opt for a casual trip aboard a smooth, steady catamaran or a more formal and romantic sunset dinner cruise on a beautiful yacht, you’ll never forget the moments you spend on the tranquil, crystal-clear waters.

  • Beach Yourself

Sometimes the simplest moments are the best. Here in the Caymans, that can manifest as sitting on the beach and watching the sunset. Your best bet is to pack a refreshment or two, walk out along Seven Mile Beach and plot your place, then watch the magic happen. Another option is to head to George Town with your snorkeling gear, do some late afternoon underwater investigating, then drop anchor on the beach and see the show.

  • Burn Calories While the Setting Sun Sizzles

For the adventurers out there who don’t want to sit still nor share their sunsets with too many people, consider a sunset kayak trip. This less conventional but equally breathtaking option offers a kind of appreciation of the magnificent sunsets that can only be experienced in a quiet spot surrounded by the Caymans’ unparalleled natural beauty. There are numerous companies who offer these trips. Whether you head on to the open ocean or choose instead to meander through the mangroves, your guided tour will point out the endless and unique flora and fauna that dot the Caymans’ lands and seas while you take in the last golden rays of the day.

However you choose to enjoy these magical moments, you’ll find them among your most memorable times in this tropical paradise.

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  • July 18th, 2017

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