To Hell And Back: Why This Devilish Detour Is A Must-Do On Your Cayman Vacation

Yes, you read all of that correctly. Who would have thought that in a location as heavenly as the Cayman Islands, there’d be an opportunity to visit Hell.
Protruding out of its lush surroundings of the West Bay is a formation of black and jagged limestone known to the locals as Hell. With a 24-million year history, this wicked fossil coral reef, also known as Ironshore, is certainly unique.
Folklore about the origins of Hell’s name is varied and unverified. Some locals say the dark, eerie and spiky landscape created by the limestone resembles what they imagine Hell might look like. Others think it was simply because a British general exclaimed “oh hell!” while unsuccessfully attempting to hunt birds in the area.
Regardless of Hell’s creation story, it still manages to create a silly, educational, family-friendly experience for all.
Over the years, Hell has attracted large numbers of tourists leading to more and more novelty experiences popping up around the limestone attraction. Club Inferno is the area’s go-to for local drinks and dancing. There’s a gift shop painted with flames and littered with playfully devil-dressed men. And if you find yourself missing home, you can let friends and family know you wish they were in Hell with you by sending some postcards from the local post office. The lines aren’t as bad as you’d expect.
The highway to Hell is a simple street named… you guessed it… Hell Road. Between Fountain and Miss Daisy Lane, you’ll find Hell’s gift shop and post office. Just keep in mind: While it’s rare to experience a cold day in Hell, the area does tend to get a little extra toasty in the summer, so make sure you’re up for it and bring lots of water to stay hydrated.
No doubt Grand Cayman is best known for its clear waters best suited for diving and fishing, and sand suitable for all-day worship, but taking some time to explore the quirkier offerings can help make this vacation stand out from other island getaways. If you feel the need to repent for all the “see you in Hell” postcards you’ll be sending loved ones, don’t fret. Hell does have its own church.
While there’s still much to learn about it, there’s one thing about Hell we know for sure- whether you’re intrigued by unique rock formations, strange landscapes, sinister novelty experiences, or puns related to eternal damnation (and who doesn’t?), Hell Grand Cayman has something for you.

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  • July 17th, 2019

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