Top 5 Boat Tours in the Caymans

Choosing a Cayman Islands tour is no easy feat, as the Caribbean islands are laden with fabulously unique tours you’ll be loathe to find anywhere else. If a boat tour is on your Caymans agenda, review five of the top options that will have you wanting to build a summer home in this tropical paradise.

#5: Grand Cayman Kittiwake & Beach Sail

Sail along the famous Seven Mile Beach before swimming and snorkeling at the site of the USS Kittiwake, as well as a beautiful coral reef. The submarine wrecked in shallow water in 2011, meaning you can swim over it and get a glimpse of the marine life making it their home. Snorkel gear and snacks are included, and there’s a cash bar available on the catamaran. Jump off the boat and swim around the wreck, climb back on and snorkel around the stunning coral reef, and then lounge under the sun as you head back to shore. The tour, available through Viator.com, is two and a half hours long.

#4: George’s Watersports Bioluminescence Tour

This tour from George’s Watersports is available by boat and by kayak. Marvel at the millions of dinoflagellates, or types of single-celled organisms that glow when disturbed due to chemical reactions, as you make your way through a mangrove forest. This night tour is located near Seven Mile Beach and always provides thrills.

#3: Fat Fish Adventures Private Boat Charters

Chartering a private boat is easy in the Cayman Islands. Fat Fish Adventures offers private charters, as well as jet ski and cruise ship tours. The private charters allow you to zip through the water and come with two guides, plenty of onboard refreshments, and snorkeling gear. The renowned private charter is ideal if you and your family want to explore Stingray City Sandbar, among other beautiful Grand Cayman locations.

#2: Six Senses Eco Tour

This six-hour tour from Six Senses Cayman Adventures takes you across the North Sound to the glorious mangrove wetland forests. You’ll learn why the forests are so essential to the Cayman Islands ecosystem before continuing your journey to Starfish Point. View magnificent, enormous Caribbean starfish, and then enjoy lunch on a private beach. The tour also includes a visit to Stingray City and snorkeling in a beautiful coral reef, among other fun.

#1: Sail Cayman Charter Tours

Spending a few hours aboard the Lazy Daz is yet another fantastic way to see Grand Cayman sites. The comfy ride can include stops such as Stingray City, gorgeous coral reefs and mini sandbars, Rum Point (a mudslide drink destination), Starfish Beach, and numerous other wonderful locations. Tours are four to six hours.

See what the Cayman Islands have to offer aboard a charter boat and have an experience you’ll remember always.

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  • November 17th, 2016

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