Top Activities To Do For A Group Vacation

Traveling with a group has a lot of advantages. Whether it’s a church group, a group of friends from the neighborhood or a college alumnae group, it’s nice to share your travel experiences with people who share your interests and values. However, not all travel activities are well-suited to groups. You don’t want to choose an activity that will be too crowded for all of your group members to enjoy or that will struggle to accommodate all of your people. For the most enjoyable experience, consider choosing one of the following types of activities…

  1. Motorcoach sightseeing tours. Motorcoach tours are ideal for groups, since the entire unit of up to 42 members can travel together and share stories, photo ops and giggles. You can even ask the guide to customize your tour to match your group’s specific interests. For instance, if you are a group of writers, the guide can make sure to point out the local haunts of famous authors and poets.
  2. A day at the beach. Most beaches, such as Three Mile Beach on Grand Cayman Island, have more than enough room for group members to spread out and enjoy their favorite beach activity. This can range from lying under an umbrella and reading a novel to exploring the aquatic life just offshore by snorkeling or renting a jet ski and riding the harbor waves.
  3. Farm or factory tours. Another good choice for groups is to tour a local farm, arts and crafts studio or factory. Not only will your group members learn something about the local customs, art and economy, but such sites are usually accustomed to handling groups of all sizes. One good example is the Grand Cayman Turtle Farm, where visitors can learn more about and interact with the endangered green sea turtle.
  4. Food markets. While an individual restaurant can be overwhelmed when 40+ people descend on it, a food market, outdoor food court or restaurant district can more easily accommodate a large group, while still offering an enjoyable experience.
  5. A boat or barge tour. Yet another good choice for a group activity is to take a boat tour. Like a motorcoach tour, this mode of transportation keeps your members all together where they can interact. You can even choose a boat tour with a meal or other activity like snorkeling or whale-watching.

Traveling with a group shouldn’t have to mean long lines and tiresome waiting. By choosing activities that are well-suited to large groups, such as motorcoach tours, farm or factory tours and beach days, you can make sure that everyone has an enjoyable and memorable vacation.


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  • August 23rd, 2016

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