Top Water Excursions In The Cayman Islands

Top Water Excursions In The Cayman Islands

People visit the Cayman Islands for a variety of reasons and envision spending their vacation in a number of different ways. Savvy travelers, especially those who have visited the Caymans in the past, are aware of the veritable range of activities and non-activities they can invest their time in once they arrive.

For those who are clear about their love of the ocean and are steadfast in their desire to spend as much time in or on it, the sky truly is the limit. From plunging into the cobalt-blue waters to investigating the local sea life, to floating atop it to soak in a truly unforgettable sunset, the Caymans have it all. Here is a breakdown of the most popular water-related activities at your disposal here:

Snorkeling and Diving
Snorkeling is possible and easy almost anywhere in the waters of the Cayman Islands. That’s because the ocean is extremely calm, clear and, almost everywhere, shallow enough for even the youngest aspiring snorkeler. For those who are interested in a bit of a more advanced ocean experience, there is unparalleled diving. You can get certified and plumb the depths of the tranquil waters to see the show. If you’re going as a family, consider taking a guided boat out to a reef or just to get out into the open waters to see the dazzling array of sea life.

Another great activity is kayaking, particularly for those who like a little upper-body workout with their sun and fun. Again, because the ocean waters are so calm, kayaking is possible virtually anywhere.

Like more action and splashing in your activities? Look no further than Waverunning. Simply rent one of these speedy machines and go chop through some waves.

Sailing and Cruising
For those who really want to get out and away from it all, consider reserving a guided sail or cruise aboard a powerboat for the day, or even for sunset. If you’re an experienced sailor, then rent your own and take the family, or special someone, out for a romantic ride.

Want to go deep? Contact Atlantis Submarines and go down under during the day or even in the evening and experience a show like you’ve never seen, all in dry, air-conditioned comfort. What could be better than that?

Ultimately, how you spend your ocean time in the Caymans is up to you. Isn’t it great, though, to know that you have so many options?

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  • July 10th, 2017

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