How To Have An Unforgettable Time On Your Family Vacation To Grand Cayman Island

There are certain things you expect when you decide to take your family on a vacation to the Caribbean. Lots of sunshine, white sand beaches, clear blue ocean waters, palm trees, exotic food, luxurious hotels, and plenty of friendly local flavor. And Grand Cayman Island has more of these things than one could ever want.

But Grand Cayman has a lot to offer, a lot of different choices, and it pays to know a little bit about the island and its treasures before you go so you can choose the places that best fit you and your family’s unique tastes and interests.

Here’s a quick guide to the things to consider when planning your family vacation to Grand Cayman Island. You’ll find a few options listed under each subheading, but remember this is by no means a comprehensive list. As always it pays to do your research before you leave on any trip. You’ll be amazed at the sheer variety of things to do and places to see on Grand Cayman Island.

That said, here’s a short primer on how to have an unforgettable time on your family vacation to Grand Cayman.

  • The beaches. Obviously one of the main attractions. The above mentioned white sands and clear blue waters abound here. Seven Mile Beach tends to be the most popular, with upscale hotels, restaurants, and attractions along its length. It’s been called the best in the Caribbean. But there are literally dozens of other public access beaches on the island, each with it’s own personality. West Bay Public Beach is considered a bit more family friendly and quiet, and if it’s snorkeling you’re looking for, you might give Rum Point a try.
  • The restaurants. When you’re ready to head out and try some of the local fare and seafood, you have a plethora of excellent choices. The Cracked Conch has been a local favorite for 35 years, with great ocean views. The Calypso Grill is great for a date night, and Morgan’s at the Yacht Club is famous for its daily fresh catch.
  • The sights. There are a lot of things to do inland on the island too. The Cayman Islands National Museum documents the fascinating history of the islands, along with geological and biological information, and the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park showcases the unique and beautiful flora and fauna of the region.

These are just a handful of suggestions. So do your homework, and have a great time on Grand Cayman Island.


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  • September 20th, 2016

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