Wednesday Farmers & Artisans Market In Camana Bay

Stop by the Farmers & Artisans Market in Camana Bay every Wednesday and pick up fresh-picked produce, homemade artisanal foods, local handicrafts and more. This weekly farmers and artisans market is a showcase for delightful things grown and made on Grand Cayman.

Each week, Camana Bay’s shopkeepers and restaurant owners join roughly 40 growers and specialty products purveyors. The offerings at this celebration of local culture and goods includes seasonal fruits and vegetables, gifts, gourmet foods, skincare, jewelry, flowers, teas and coffees, seasonings, jams and more.

The Camana Bay Farmers & Artisans Market opens at 3 p.m. and features live entertainment throughout the course of the event. Musicians and artists come to provide their talents in real-time, demonstrating the creative spirit of the people of Grand Cayman. Enjoy watching crafters and artists show off their skills in weaving, conch blowing, rope making and more.

About Camana Bay

Beautiful Camana Bay is the setting for our community’s weekly Farmers and Artisans Market. Camana Bay is a lively waterfront gathering place where children play in fountains, families linger on lawns and everyone relishes in leisurely island life.

This master-planned community features 675 acres from sea to sound, with many spots to relax, explore and be inspired. Camana Bay is a mixed-use community that promotes walking, connecting and living sustainably in diversity.

Visit Camana Bay and enjoy its thoughtful and beautiful design. This area on Grand Cayman is a favorite with residents and tourists alike, and it features many other events throughout the week along with annual events for major holidays.

Getting to Camana Bay

On Foot

You can get to Camana Bay easily from the strip on Seven Mile Beach. Just follow the footpath signs set all along West Bay Road. They’ll guide you up onto The Rise, which is a pedestrian walkway, and over to The Paseo in Camana Bay’s Town Centre.

By Car

It’s easy to get to Camana Bay by car from West Bay and George Town.

By Boat

Anyone taking their own boat to Camana Bay can reach the community by plugging in the following coordinates, which direct water travelers to the main channel entrance:

Latitude: 19.323510 Longitude: -81.367715
Coordinates for the Camana Bay Harbour:
Latitude: 19.321573 Longitude: -81.376449

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  • April 14th, 2018

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