What You Need To Know About Visiting Starfish Point In Grand Cayman

One of the most beloved beaches on Grand Cayman is Starfish Point, which is aptly named for the innumerable starfish dotting the coastline. This beach overlooks North Sound and features calm, shallow waters that starfish enjoy. And while there’s no entrance fee, there are plenty of tour operators who will happily take you to this little section of beach. If visiting starfish sounds like a Grand Cayman vacation must, here’s what you need to know before you go:

The Drive From Seven Mile Beach Is Long

If you are among the tourists staying in the Seven Mile Beach section of Grand Cayman, consider whether you want to make the drive to Starfish Beach. It’s about an hour away, making an organized tour a welcome alternative. And since some people have trouble finding the beach because it isn’t on a main road, allowing an experienced guide to lead the way will help ensure a timely, safe visit.

The Starfish Must Remain In The Shallows

As tempting as it can be to pick up a starfish for a photo opportunity, these marine creatures must stay where they are. Picking them up exposes the animals to damaging oxygen. And since some of the ‘fish anchor themselves to rocks along the shoreline, ripping one off a stone damages its tube feet. These feet regrow in time; however, there is no need to stress the creatures in this way. Starfish are wild animals who should be left alone, so take pictures from a distance.

The Water Is Perfectly Clear

Getting the pictures you want is easy thanks to the crystal-clear Caribbean water. Consider purchasing a waterproof camera before your trip if you want to photograph the creatures up-close, but again take care not to disturb them.

Water, Sunscreen, & Snacks Are Necessary

Your trip to Starfish Point requires plenty of water as well as a few snacks. There are no concession stands or eateries on this stretch of beach, as it is meant as a beautiful, natural example of the island’s pristine beauty. Don’t forget your sunscreen either since the tropical sun will leave you lobster-red without the right protection. Bring a broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses as well for further protection from the unforgiving sun.

Enjoy this lovely area of Grand Cayman that includes ancient coconut trees. Schedule your island stay now by contacting South Beach Bay Club for luxurious accommodations.

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  • October 25th, 2019

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