Why Stingray City Sandbars Are A Grand Cayman Must

As you are planning your Grand Cayman itinerary, consider adding Stingray City Sandbar to the list. There are actually two famous sandbars surrounded by crystal-clear tropical waters off Grand Cayman, both of which provide adventures you and your fellow travel buddies will always remember. Take a moment to learn what makes Stingray City so special before exploring tour options.

A Quick History

Once upon a time, it was common for fishermen returning home for the day to anchor their boats in North Sound to clean their catch. The shallow, well-protected area located behind Barrier Reef avoided the splash and crash of waves, and soon a second area became a popular fisherman spot. Stingrays started gathering in the shallows to feast on the fish bits the men threw back into the water, which became a late afternoon ritual that went on for years. In 1981 a couple of dive instructors decided to pay the rays a visit. They brought cameras and lots of squid parts with them and found the rays to be shy and in no way aggressive.

By 1986 one of the instructors penned an article called “The Valley of the Rays,” which then became known as Stingray City. It also got the moniker ‘Stingray City Sandbar,’ and became one of Grand Cayman’s most popular snorkeling and scuba diving sites.

Typical Stingray City Sandbar Trips

If visiting these gentle giants sounds intriguing, there are many tour options to select from. “Breakfast” tours in the mornings are available, as are all-day trips. Day-long trips usually include visits to some of Grand Cayman’s most famous attractions in addition to Stingray City, such as the famous and beautiful Rum Point Beach. Depending on what tour you select, you will enjoy activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, and kayaking. Drinks and food are also available on board your chosen caterman. Some include access to a fully-stocked bar.

These tours allow you to interact with the curious and playful rays that are adorably known as the “puppies of the sea.” Feed and pet them–they love it as much as you will!

Is a tour of Stingray City a Grand Cayman must? South Beach Bay Club recommends tours through Red Sail Sports, the tourism company that has kept the adventure going since 1987. Contact South Beach Bay Club today to make your resort reservation and learn more about Red Sail Sports.

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  • August 9th, 2019

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